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The purpose of infinitives in French conversation

Right now i'm on the infinitives mood in the french tree. But i don't really see the point of the mood. The only construct i know so far is the, "Semi-auxiliary word+ Infinitive of verb" And I can see how this could be used in day to day conversations. But I don't understand why i wouldn't just go the normal modified noun path in a conversation, instead of trying to use the infinitive mood constructs. So my question: Just how important is this mood, and how important is it to understand this?

March 28, 2018



Infinitives can be a really handy ‘cheat’ when you are a beginner and don’t feel comfortable with the past or future tense yet. “Je vais danser” I am going to dance. “Je viens de finir mon livre” I have just finished my book.

Also, you NEED to know the infinitive of a verb to know how to conjugate it properly, as french verbs are conjugated differently depending on whether the infinitive ends in ER, RE, or IR. You also need to know the infinitives for referencing the verb in verb tables such as https://www.vatefaireconjuguer.com Also, dictionaries will list/ define verbs by infinitive.

So, in summary infinitives are super important and the sooner you learn them the sooner french grammer in general will make more sense.

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