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  5. "先过马路,然后一直往前走。"


Translation:First cross the road, then keep walking straight ahead.

March 28, 2018



Perhaps better than Duo's translation is "First cross the road, then go straight ahead."

The primary meaning of "一直" is "straight (in a line"), "往前" is "in a forward direction", and "走" is "go" or "walk".

"一直往前" is typically translated as "straight ahead", so to add "keep", as in "continue", is adding an extra element.

Also, "keep" is a secondary meaning of "一直" and not as appropriate in this context. You can tell someone to turn left and then "一直往前走", so it's a little less appropriate to translate that to "keep going straight ahead" because the person will have just turned, and can't continue doing something they haven't been doing.


This is truly pitiful. But as I always say, it is free.


My rejected answer "First cross the road, then keep going forward." is pretty much the same thing as the suggested answer "First cross the road, then keep going ahead."


The given translation for mine was "First cross the road, then keep walking straight ahead." but I think all three are acceptable.


"First cross the road, then walk straight ahead" is correct, but not accepted. Please fix.


First cross the road then continue walking straight ahead. Was wrong 2018/03/29


I wrote, "First cross the road, then continue straight," but was rejected.


Where is the word "WALKING" in the Chinese sentence? How could it appears in the English translation? I think the answer should: FIRST CROSS THE ROAD, AND THEN KEEP STRAIGHT AHEAD. Any other opinion? Please share.


Does something implies that the subject is can only walking?


走 means "walk," although it is sometimes used loosely.


walking no DICTIONARY SPACE inai yo


Nanatameyo (T_T)

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