"You do not have to be here."

Translation:Nemusíte tady být.

March 28, 2018

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'Tady nemusíš být' is not being accepted, when I believe it should be.


The plural form -- "Tady nemusíte být" is accepted. The singular form may simply be missing, but we volunteers are no longer able to add translations due to recent changes at Duolingo. Perhaps a staff member or contractor can address this.


Scanning what will likely turn into weeks or months of comments for missing translation leads sounds like a weird priority :-)


Seems like "Nemáš tady být" or "Nemáte tady být" should be the correct translation. To me, "Nemusíte tady být" is more like "You must not be here". At the least maybe both are correct?


Using mít plus an infinitive gives you "supposed to." "You are not supposed to be here" is not the same as " You do not have to be here." In the first case, you should not be here. In the second, it is not necessary that you be here.


So how do you say "you must not be here"?


Nesmíš tam být.

Notice the incosistence in English:

musím - nemusím
I have to - I do not have to
I must - I ??


nemuzes tady byt? is that also ok.


No, that would be you can't.


so nemusis tady byt?


"Nemusíš tady být" is accepted.


In this case is also right to say "Nemusíte sem být"? Its not accepted, but maybe its also ok


I am native AmE, so I may be missing some nuance. But I would say that using sem here would be incorrect. Sem is directional ("to here / to this place"), while tady is about location ("here / in or at this place").


So "nemusíte sem jít." would be fine, while "nemusíte sem být." is not accepted, the problem i did understand that gabyi05 said "it is not necessary to move your existence into this space over here." so i understood it as directional. : ) neuronal interconnections are sometimes strange.


"tady být nemusíš ." also not yet accepted, same problems as specified above? Thx

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