"Elle m'a mordu !"

Translation:She bit me!

March 28, 2018

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Just for info. The verb 'mordre' means 'to bite'. The participe passé (the part of the passé composé after être or avoir) is 'mordu' and the présent is as follows:

je mords tu mords il mord nous mordons vous mordez ils mordent


Why not: Elle m'a mordue?


If you are a girl @TheKingGeorge then I do indeed think you should write elle m'a mordue.


So it depends on the object?


Ehsan, you are right. This is the passé composé tense of a verb that uses avoir in this tense. The participle must agree with the direct object, but only when the direct object precedes the verb.

As you know, the direct object here is 1st person m', referring to the speaker, and it does precede the verb, a. Therefore:

  • If the speaker is male, Elle m'a mordu.

  • If the speaker is female, Elle m'a mordue.


Shouldn't this be called "psychotic humans" instead?

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