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After 3 years ive completed my german tree again!

When i joined duo about 3 years ago i completed the tree in a matter of days but i let it lapse and i got demotivated learning german, throughout the last 3 years i attempted to try doing it again a few more times but failed.i heard about crowns and part renewed interest part nostalgia made me try and complete it again. And i did! Having done it in 6 days im not going to pretend ive got it all understood and memorised, i need to continue practicing on Duo and other services and methods. Id say i have more than a foundation of the foundation that Duo gives as i did a lot of the topics easily, id say i have a lot of the words memorised but struggle with sentence structure when its not a direct translation for example when its something like i the shops go or the shops i go. Next steps are to keep practicing and reading the notes on the topics which you dont have on the apps. And when i eventually get crowns i think itll help if the lessons are more in depth!

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March 28, 2018



Congratulations. Carry on studying!


Level 25 in 7 languages....



I love learning languages :) Let's carry on studying!


What is your mother tongue?

[deactivated user]

    Der Deutschbaum ist sehr lang. Wie viele Stunden nahm es dich, es zu fertigstellen? [I hope I used the right sentence structure.] Sechs Tage! Ich wundere sich, was ist das Deutsche Wort für "Wow"?


    Der deutsche Baum ist sehr lang. Wie viele Stunden hat es gedauert, um den Baum fertigzustellen.

    Ich wundere mich, was das deutsche Wort für 'Wow' ist?

    Großartig ist das! Werden die wahrscheinlich sagen...

    [deactivated user]

      Danke. The mich/sich was my bad. I'm still uncertain when a clause separated by comma "kicks" the conjugated verb to the end of the sentence. You didn't translate exactly what I wanted to say: "how many hours did it take YOU..." (not shouting, just emphasizing). No worries. I still appreciate it.. A lingot for your help.


      Haha you noticed how I (cleverly...) re-phrased that to make it easier.... :O

      Yeah the verb to the end thing is a nice feature of the German language. Feels great when you get it right. I always wonder when I'm speaking to germans whether they know already what's coming, or they have no clue and are waiting for the final word of the sentence to tie it all together...


      Auch Deutsche verwenden "Wow!" als Anglizismus. "Toll!", "Super!", "Fantastisch!" oder "Großartig!" sind Alternativen.


      congratulations, that's awesome! i'm glad the crown system got you interested in duo again :)

      also, you can add images to your post by typing ![](url) and replacing "url" with the link to your image


      I did this and when i edited the url disappeared but the image did not post, kinda confused, is it maybe because for some reason it has gallery in it? :/


      yes, it has to be a direct image link not an album link. you can right-click the image in imgur and then select "open image in new tab" and this should give you the right url


      Thank you i just sorted it as you posted! Have a lingot or two as thanks :)


      Great job! It takes a dedicated learner to do it twice. Fantastic job my friend!


      Good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work!!!!!


      Awesome I like how dedicated you were, tell me your secret?^_^


      Ich habe auch meinen deutschen Baum fertiggestellt, jedoch jetzt finde ich es langweilig. Hat jemand Tipps, um es interessanter zu machen? (I hope this is right? haha)


      Versuche den Storymodus. Du kannst auch versuchen Bücher zu lesen. Am besten Übersetzungen von Büchern, die Du bereits kennst. (Besser: jedoch finde ich es jetzt langweilig. Ansonsten ist alles richtig)


      Gut gemacht! Weiter so.


      Glückwunsch, weiter so! Ich hatte den Spanischbaum nach fünf Tagen durch und habe ihn das zweite mal in 26 Tagen gemacht. (Der ist auch viel kürzer als der deutsche.) Dafür habe ich in der Zeit den ersten Harry Potter Band durchgelesen. Bücher lesen hilf sehr beim Sprachenlernen, also verlass dich nicht nur auf Duolingo. Außerdem kann ich den Duolingo Storymodus sehr empfehlen. Wenn Du im Hörverstehen weit fortgeschritten bist, schau dir die Serie "Der Tatortreiniger" an.


      Keep up the good work!

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