"Je porte un pantalon avec des poches."

Translation:I am wearing pants with pockets.

March 28, 2018

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Why is my answer marked wrong: "I wear a pair of pants with some pockets." Duolingo said "SOME" is wrong.


Not so much wrong as unnecessary. Report it if you think it should be accepted.


It's supposed to be with pockets


The British English term would be "jeans" or "a pair of jeans", so that should also be an acceptable response. "Trousers" or "pair of trousers" would also work.


Marked wrong - I am wearing trousers with pockets. Correct answer given is - I wear pants with pockets. I am wearing; and 'I wear' both translate from Je porte don't they? Also 'trousers' and 'pants' both translate from pantalon do they not?


I was quite surprised it didnt accept " i am wearing pants with pockets" too


As an English person, I suggest that 'trousers' and 'jeans' are not interchangeable. Trousers suggest a more formal attire.


This is French so you have to comprehend as though a French person would


Jeans are a kind of trousers, made from denim specifically.


Yes, and worn by men or women.


Alice, the reason why your answer was wrong was because you put the word "some" in there even thoughyou weren't. Sorry.(:


I was corrected for using pants instead of trousers before. Now I'm corrected for using trousers instead of pants! Both should be accepted.


How do we know if it has more than ONE pocket? What would it be if it were : "un pantalon avec du poche" ??


Not sure what version of the question you had (audio vs. translation) but we know it has more than one pocket because it's using the plural "des poches". As far as singular, "Du" is masculine (de le) and since "poche" is feminine, one would use "de la". Not sure if this is right but I imagine for one pocket it may be "un pantalon avec de la poche" or even "Le pantalon a une poche" (the pants has one(a) pocket).


I appreciate your reply, thank you for your explanation. I really need to be able to differentiate between spoken (audio) words like du and des. There are so many instances where I just don't capture the spoken/audio words .. and so many times I am wrong


I don't think "de la poche" works since, I can't really see "poche" or "pocket" as being used as a non-count noun, as you might use "fromage", "lait" etc (eg "Il mange du pain"). Not in this context, at least.

It may be possible to think up some (unusual) sentence eg, in English

There's still some pocket left but most of it has worn away

but I would suggest that even then, we'd be more likely to say something like "some of thepocket" or "part of a/the pocket". See, for example, this :

car s'il reste une partie de la poche ...
Google Books

in an 18th century medical work.


there is no sound


I am wearing a pair of pants with some pockets. Why wrong?


That's not what you would say in English. You'd say "I am wearing pants/a pair of pants with pockets." "Some pockets" is redundant to say in English, and simply isn't said by anyone when referring to the clothes they're wearing. By all means, report it if you think it should be accepted though. It technically means the same thing.


The first time I received this sentence, I wrote "I wear a trouser with pockets" and it said it should be trousers. This time I wrote "I am wearing a trousers with pockets" and it said it should be "I wear pants with pockets". What's right and I'm not going to translating french to English, I just want to understand it.


"i am wearing pants" is wrong ?


No, not wrong. I am wearing pants, not 'a' pants' is correct (American). I am wearing trousers is also correct (English). Or a pair of pants/trousers. 'Pants' or 'a pair of pants' .


i mean " i am wearing a pants" ?


A pair of pants/trousers. 'Pants' or 'a pair of pants', see above explanation. I hope this helps.


Wrong. " I am wearing pants". Is correct.


Why is my answer wrong


What was your answer Aslan? I don't see it here.


"I carry trousers" would also be "Je porte un pantalon", right? (For example after having bought them.)


Duolingo, FIX this female voice! It is not clear and is corrupted.


Why is "I wear pants with pockets" wrong? I know in Spanish at least the the present tense verbs can be both I wear or I am wearing. How do you differentiate in French, or can that be correct as well?


If it is theoretically correct in English and is understood as such by its native tongue it should be accepted. I am wearing pants with some pockets. Some pockets is not incorrect as it is some pockets. And is understood as such when you are forced to translate it directly. I would be more lenient towards this rule... for the soul reason that we are already confused enough as it is. My goal is to learn french and not on how to translate it with utter perfection from french to English.


I am wearing trousers with pockets must be right. In English you do not have to say a pair of trousers, trousers only come in pairs so the pair of is redundant.


Pants is underwear in English and trousers in America


I wrote I wear pants with pockets and they marked it wrong. Je porte translates to I wear/ I am wearing, does it not?


My answer was "I am wearing a pair of pants with pockets", and it was marked wrong. It didn't like the fact that I said "pair". Why???

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