"J'ai les yeux marron."

Translation:I have brown eyes.

March 28, 2018

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They way she reads it is wrong and totally not understandable.


The pronunciation should be with liaison. So you should pronounce this "s" in the end of "les" as "z", linking it with "yeux". I'm missing the proper letters, but phonetically in "les yeux" it should be "le-zjø", as far as I remember.


Yep https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/yeux

Maybe worth clarifying for those not familiar with IPA that the "e" in what you wrote as "le-zjø" isn't the "e" in "le"; it's the vowel sound in "les".


I agree, one can never figure out what is the actual phrase


Exactly! Thay don't work out the joints between the words it's unfai, I hope they will fix it soon


Why isn't "marron" in plural?


"marron" when used as an adjective (as here) does not pluralize in standard French: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/marron#French (the "usage note" provides a useful explanation)


This guy has a better pronunciation


I heard "j'ai lit marron"


Can someone help and explain why "les" is used here?


Earlier I thought one of the moderators wrote..."blue eyes" was 'des yeux bleus'


You might be referring to this discussion: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/401417/She-has-blue-eyes

I think the most relevant part is this:

For body parts, we use definite articles with verb "avoir". il a la mâchoire carrée, les yeux bleus, les cheveux blonds, les épaules larges...

Another useful one here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/210450/Elle-a-de-grands-yeux-bleus

"elle a les grands yeux bleus" would translate "she has the big blue eyes" which would miss something to specify the use of the definite article:

elle a les grands yeux bleus de sa grand-mère

In this sentence, "de" is used instead of "des" because the adjective is in front of the noun, and it is simply the plural of "un": "elle a un grand nez" (she has a big nose).

and further down:

I have blue eyes / my eyes are blue = j'ai les yeux bleus / mes yeux sont bleus

I have big eyes / my eyes are big = j'ai de grands yeux (Size adjective, placed in front of the noun) = mes yeux sont grands

I have big blue eyes / I have big blue eyes = j'ai de grands yeux bleus (ditto) = mes yeux bleus sont grands

It looks like it depends on whether an adjective that goes before the noun appears or not.

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    This TTS seems off. I don't hear the liaison between les and yeux at all. Alice to the rescue.


    If you have blue eyes, it is plural, but not for brown eyes. ?? Both of mine are brown, not just one of them. Is this discrimination against we brown eyed folk?


    "Les yeux" is plural.

    Regarding "marron," see my reply to wev377


    Why not J'ai les yeux marrons


    Why marron does not agree the les yeix


    Why adjective here does not agree the noun.


    "My eyes are brown" is an acceptable trans, IMHO.


    j'ai les yeux marronS?

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