"Tu vas porter cette robe peut-être."

Translation:You are going to wear this dress, maybe.

March 28, 2018

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This sounds really awkward in English. I translated as "Maybe you are going to wear this dress," and was marked wrong.


I just reported "Maybe you are going to wear this dress" as "should be accepted".


haha, that's what I wrote as well, thinking that "maybe" should be at the beginning of the sentence. The correct sentence reads very foreign. Maybe that's what they were going for. Some of these duolingo English sentences seem like they want you to note that it's how a foreigner might say it, which is fine, but hopefully that's not what they're writing for the French-to-English learners.


It may really be either at the beginning or the end, in English. The latter sounds definitely more unlikely. It is a bit too strict to insist that it only be at the end. Fixed.


In English, "perhaps" might also follow "You are": as in "You are, perhaps, going to wear this dress." However, this was my answer, and it was not accepted.


"You will perhaps wear this dress" marked wrong and reported.


Still "wrong"--five months later!


Why is the second r in porter pronounced here?


I think it's a mistake in the pronunciation... Even in the slow version I can clearly hear "porteur" instead of "porter". I reported it.


Hasn't changed, reported again -- very confusing.


Reporting audio issues is pointless. The entire audio package is a single unit: one male and one female. Individual words cannot be corrected.


I was asking the same question. I had to guess that it meant "porter = to wear" because there was a dress in the sentence. I was beginning to doubt myself if it's also pronounced as "porteur". Clearly, this isn't what you need when you're trying to learn the language. I've reported anyway.


The male audio said porteur instead of porter. It was weird.


Yes, the male audio mispronounces "porter". I have disabled this as an audio exercise so listen to the female audio if you can.


«I suggested You are perhaps going to wear this dress», and for some relasjon that is not accepted... Why? Quite often I find acceptable english marked as faulty.


Oh, come on, this is crazy. "Perhaps" is not an appropriate translation of "peut-être." This program needs work! Don't know how long I can do it.


"Peut-être" is defined as "maybe" or "perhaps". You may use either one if it sounds right to you.


It is insisting upon specific use of "this" and "maybe" -- reported 19 May 2018.


Hi, Tom. Duo does not "insist" on either of those. You may use either "this" or "that". You may say "maybe", "perhaps", or even "possibly" as long as the rest of your sentence is correct.


This sentence is frustrating for me for a different reason. There seem to be so many sentences in French which have lots and lots of commas, yet this sentence, which seems to require a comma in English before the last word (which is "perhaps") (or, which is "maybe," although we wouldn't usually isolate that word but would use it at the beginning of the sentence) doesn't have a comma in it.


Punctuation is not regarded in the evaluation of your translation unless it has to do with contractions (c'est, it's) or hyphens as part of inversions or compound words (avez-vous, grand-père, etc.).


In English, we would never put maybe at the end of the sentence!


You are, perhaps, going to wear this dress...was incorrect.


The voice is saying "port-err" instead of "por-tay."


Sorry, I should have read the whole thread. I now see this mentioned above.

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