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"Kateřina na čeká v mém pokoji."

Translation:Kateřina is waiting for me in my room.

March 28, 2018



it really sounds like she is saying mne not me


Syllable is read as /mňe/, that is basic Czech orthography. Mně sounds the same. The audio is OK.


Only just learnt about thatbin my first czech lesson. No I trust the audio again.


Shouldn`t a long form be used because of the preposition? E.g. čekám na tebe, čekáš na mne? (vidím tě, vidíš mě)


na tebe yes, na tě is archaic or bookish

na mě is fine, na mne is formal and becoming bookish


I entered "Kateřina's waiting for me in my room." and got it wrong. I think it should be correct.


That would be correct. Did you use the report button? We have no new report here.


I guess not. I thought posting here was reporting it. I will report it next time I run across it. Thanks.


The discussions here are to help people in understanding various language problems. People can ask and be answered by other users (those other users may include course contributors).

The discussions are NOT for reports of missing translations or suggestions what should also be correct. Missing translations should be submitted using the "My answer should have been accepted" flag. See also this informative post, it is for a different course, but many points are common Where, What, What NOT, and How to Report

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