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"Les assiettes et les couverts sont dans l'évier."

Translation:The plates and the cutlery are in the sink.

March 28, 2018



les couverts are also the cutlery in english


Thank you. This new Duo tree seems to have so many English words left out. Yes, tableware, but also flatware and cutlery. Very frustrating.

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Flatware is there, cutlery has been added.


Please stop making the text boxes tiny and hard to click on!

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1). The voices of Both the man and woman are reading with liaisons "les assieTTe -et les couverts...", not "les assietteS-et..."

Because of "les", it must be plural "assiettes", and the liaison must be "-S-".

2). In the slow reading, " les couverts" is read as " pley couvert". But it is read correctly in the normal speed reading.


My understainding of liaison is based on feel only. That doesnt feel correct at all; to say les assietteS et. I'd bet $100 that is wrong.

There is likely a more technical reason but IMO liaison is based on logic and necessity based on sounds. Assiettes already ends with a consonant sound so we needn't add one in order to flow sonically into the next word. And I do not believe a Francophone would do so.

I think it is misleading to think that EVERYTIME you see an upcoming vowel, to take the absolute last latter and pronounce it no matter what.


That makes sense. Also, I seem to remember that you never make liaison with the E in et.


couverts: utensils

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"Utensils" = les ustensiles.


The dishes and the cutlery... Why "dishes" is wrong? A plate is a specific type of dish. A dish is generally something that food is eaten or served from. Dish can be plates and/or bowls... A plate instead tends to refer specifically to a flat dish, one that does not have a liquid content.


"A plate tends to refer specifically to a flat dish, one that does not have a liquid content".

You just perfectly described une assiette. You answered your own question.

Assiette = plate


"A plate tends to refer specifically to a flat dish..." A flat dish is still a dish. "Plate" and "dish" are synonyms in English. Dish ought to be accepted in this context.


I said the dishes and the cutlery are in the sink. Isn't that correct?


"Cutlery" sounds British. In American English, we'd say "the place settings" or "the silverware" (even though the knife, fork, and spoon are almost always made of something else).


U.S. American speaker here - Cutlery is also common here. So is silverware. Rarely hear place settings, though. But, I have heard it. Probably depends on the region.


I agree, Duolingo needs to recognize more translations of words! Plates, dishes same thing here!

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