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features of duolingo

I see references in discussions or otherwise on-screen to being awarded "lingos", "gilding" a tree, and other strange expressions. I guess these are a framework to encourage learning. Is there a writeup somewhere on the site that explains how all that works?

March 28, 2018



Hello and welcome! :-) A lot is explained here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8000024

You should simply start a language course. Then you see the "tree" of that language -- the "skills" that you are supposed to learn, arranged in a certain structure that reminds of a tree. You work from the top of the tree downwards. And when you do all that, you will see what happens to the elements of the tree, what happens to the top right-hand corner of your screen (the number of the lingots you have gained will be displayed) and much more.

Happy learning! :-)

Edit: I just see that you are already at level 7 in German; so I think you should already have seen all that ...


Heike333145, you should maybe put this comment on the post above this one.

As you can see 7cQMRZg4 is talking about 'Lingos' and 'gilding'. The post above is talking about what is a tree.


'Lingos' is just an error. It comes from the word lingots.

You buys things from lingots from the shop. You can get to the shop by either clicking your lingots (top right corner) or by clicking Home and clicking shop.

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