"Il porte une écharpe violette."

Translation:He is wearing a purple scarf.

March 28, 2018

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I used violet. It was accepted. Two sentences ago violet was rejected for Violette. Pattern unclear


It depends on the gender of the noun: violet is masculine, violette is feminine. écharpe is a feminine noun, se we say "une écharpe violette".
Perhaps you used cache-nez, which is a masculine noun more or less synonymous with écharpe, in which case it would be "un cache-nez violet"


Thank you for your clarification. Tbh, having found lesson after lesson ungilded, a soul destroying phenomenon when one is tired, I have been doing too much Duo repair work. My brain is seizing up. Time to quit. Thanks again for your help.


How can you write or tell if someone is carrying something and not wearing it? Eg in a shop.


context.. ie look at them... don't worry, you know both possibilities, so in either situation you'd know what to say, non?


Why is it wrong to say: He wears a purple tie.?


I think 'cravate' means tie and 'echarpe' means scarf. Sorry no diacritical marks...should be an acute over the e in echarpe. Both french words are feminine.


Could he be any more French

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