"Tu comprends cette femme car elle a un jeune chat."

Translation:You understand this woman because she has a young cat.

March 28, 2018

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I am not a native speaker in English but this setence does not make any sence to my.

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    I am a native English speaker who loves cats; the sentence, nevertheless, makes no sense to me, either.

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      I just came across this sentence again and decided to use the word "for" instead of "because." Suddenly the sentence made more sense. There is indeed a purpose for the word "for" in this instance. (This is perhaps because I am older; we used to use the word "for" to mean something like "because" quite often.)


      It makes no sense to me whichever you use.


      I agree. I am a native English speaker. Sentences like this are VERY confusing... is having a young cat a euphemism for something else (like "having a cow" means making a big deal out of something in English)?


      In the right context it makes perfect sense. If "you" have had cats peeing all over your house, "you" may understand how a woman with a young cat that pees all over the house feels.


      I guess "you" are a cat person.


      As in, it's "relatable"; you understand the experiences/troubles she is going through because you also have a cat.


      Duo says: You used the singular "woman" here, instead of the plural "women". Correct: You understand this women because she has a young cat.

      This is clearly wrong, it is definitely woman because of cette femme and not ces femmes.


      yes, it is a Duo's error. it should be «woman», not «women» Reported.


      Reported it! "this woman" is correct, mais "this womEn" is wrong.


      is duo loosing the pédals?


      LFSUFjTA - . . . ' losing the pedals' - never heard this expression before but after years of cycling I know exactly what it means! Thanks for this and have a lingot!


      It should be 'because' not 'for'. The latter is very old fashioned and seldom in use nowadays.


      Using "for" gives an indication of the formality difference in French; it's also closer grammatically. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9106899/Car-vs-Parce-que


      Hi there. Yes I'm sure that's the case. My point is over translation. We don't really use 'for' very much in English any more. It's old fashioned. Some of the translations make it challenging to get the right answer at times...


      I would argue that the salient distinction in contemporary use of "for" as a conjunction is not "old-fashionedness," but formality. The fact that current English usage guides actively opine on its proper use seems to support this notion: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/using-for-to-mean-because

      It's frequently the case that more formal English structures are useful in decoding the logic of French ones. (Note that this argument is different than saying I think "because" shouldn't be accepted; if that's what's leading to your critique, I get where you're coming from.)


      I disagree. It's not a matter of formality. "For" as a conjunction in this sense is just fading from usage. It is still considered proper English, but it is just not used in the conversational or written language (in America at least).
      And in this sentence in particular, the use of "Tu" would suggest a less formal more conversational translation. I would translate it to "You understand this woman because she has a young cat."

      But I do agree with your statement on using more formal English structures while parsing French.


      Well, I did say "contemporary use" ;)

      "for" as a conjunction is no "whither," "thou," or "thence." I'm American. I use it, certainly more in writing than speech. It's still commonly taught to kids in school, cf. "FANBOYS."

      You have a point about "tu," but course contributors sometimes adopt less than the most-natural English to try to help impart a concept in the language being taught. Whether that was the logic here, I don't know.


      Agreed. Had the same insight.


      What does having a young cat have to do with understanding the woman?


      Clearly Duo is broken here - the translation in the app is wrong and does not match what is stated above which is in fact the correct translation.


      Even though it is accepted that there has been an error, I cannot complete the practice unless I, too, use the plural women which I refuse to do...


      I had the same conflict as you have. So, I have a way to solve it: Answer : «you understand this womAn FOR she has a young cat»'

      It is the «because» version that has the mistake


      Surely "a young cat" is a kitten :):) Wrong


      I think a baby cat is a kitten :)


      This sentence makes no sense . . . I guess it is just for the vocabulary value.


      Thank you for that comment. I had the same issue and really dislike trying to remember what Duo wants instead of remembering the correct answer. So frustrating.


      I typed the answer but I put "you understand that woman because she has a young cat" and it said I got it wrong and said the answer is "you understand that women..." definitely not correct


      This one needs thorough review. Rejects 'vous comprenez' for 'you understand'. Rejects 'this woman' for 'cette femme'. Accepts 'this women' for 'cette femme'.


      You understand that woman because she has a young cat not accept please why?


      Duo SHOULD accept both "for" and "because", but it is not doing that. This is a mistake that Duo should fix. Until it is fixed, try using the word "for" instead of "because".


      Seems there's a typo in the "because" version. A slip of the fingers yielded an "e" where there should have been an "a." Hopefully it will be remedied post haste.


      The translation that I got was "you understand this women "(plural) etc., I had woman and it said I was wrong...


      What was that sentence supposed to mean?


      This sentence means nothing to me.


      Put it in the right context and it makes perfect sense. If "you" have had cats peeing all over your house, "you" may understand how a woman with a young cat that pees all over the house feels.


      That . . . . I'm trying to come up with a scenario where this sentence makes sense.


      Not only is a cat imperative to understanding that woman - it has to be young. Sure, this string of words makes sense.


      perhaps she said something like: 'bring your rubber toys round tonight, my ❤❤❤❤❤ is bored.'


      russbellon, Thank you for making it clear what this sentence was supposed to mean!


      My faith you are courageous!


      It sounds like something dirty...


      I sometimes amuse myself imagining circumstances in which you would use some of Duo's stranger sentences. This one has me beaten.


      Duo couldn't have formed a more sensible sentence, like 'You understand this woman because you read the same books' No it just has to be a young cat :-P


      I don't understand this sentence because I don’t' have a cat. This sentence should be removed. At least have sentences that a person would possibly use in real life. "Tu comprends cette femme car elle est jeune." ... that makes sense.... Maybe it's a 60's term for hippy chick... like "cool young cat". un jeune chat froid".. LOL


      Yes, this sentence is so much stranger than seeing an orange bear. (I'll always love that one)


      OK, why not You understand this woman "since" she has a young cat? It just means because in this context. Should be added to the correct solutions.


      Does "that" woman not work?


      I wrote the same. Apparently not ! Just as "Would you like?' should be 'Do you want?'


      does this sentence make sense to anyone in any language?


      For those who think this sentence has no value, it is not the exact sentence itself that is of value, but you being able to decode the individual words and grammar. On Duolingo, you are simply not learning basic phrases but immersing yourself in the language. It is training your ear to distinguish between sense and nonsense, so that when you hear an unstable person on the street yelling something like that, you were at least able to parse the nonsense :)


      Okay, that's fair. Strange sentences also help you to explain to new friends what you thought they said.


      Does this sentence mean: "You understand this woman because her cat behaves in the same way as your cat." No need to be so oblique.


      What on earth sort of sentence is this? it would be nice to practice sentences that I might actually go out and use in real life instead of this nonsense.


      Ouais. Peut-être que si Duo obtient quelques jeunes chats je serai capable de le comprendre aussi.


      What fun!!! Lots of wonderful comments, so lets have a competition to find the best possible English meaning for this sentence. I've got some crackers, but none printable!


      Perhaps we should spell it womans. then we'd just get dinged for spelling error.


      Sometimes Duo seems to accept "because" as a translation of "car" - e.g. I can remember a sentence like "Je lis, car j'aime ce livre" and Duo accepted "I am reading because I like this book". Duo should be consistent. It seems like it would be more correct for Duo to accept both possibilities - "for" and "because".


      pourquoi pluriel "femmes"? à mon avis, c'est faux :)


      This or that, it's still singular.


      I gave the answer 'you understand this woman because she has a young cat' but they didn't accept it saying that I should have used 'women' instead of 'woman'. Don't I understand anything or 'cette femme' in French is plural?


      if you read the comments, you'll get the answer


      thank you, I got it!


      Duo needs fixing this


      I reported it too


      "for she has" is rarely used these days. "Car" is formal in written French for because isn't it? I was marked wrong but on other occasions it has been accepted.


      Try misspelling because as "beceuse" and see what happens. It seems Duo has an error in their system that needs to be corrected. Both "for" and "because" should normally be accepted as correct translations of "car".


      «because» is OK. It is with the «because version» that there is a problem, not with the word «because». The mistaken word is «women» referring to just ONE woman


      Except that when you use because, Duo says that it is wrong and that the correct word is for. There is no mention of women/woman. So maybe there is more than one mistake/problem in the system?


      The answer the system gives you when it doesn't count yours correct boils down to a roll of the dice. Sometimes it manages to give you the version with just your "error" "corrected," but in the last week or so it has gotten a whole lot more random than it even used to be. It might just be giving the first translation listed in essentially all instances.


      hi, marian. Yes, there must be two (at least) different mistakes.


      I echo what is said below


      <<You used the singular "woman" here, instead of the plural "women". You understand this women because she has a young cat.>>

      Whatever is DL telling me here !!! how can it possibly be plural women???


      How do you pronounce « car elle a un » ?


      Weirdest sentence to use...


      This sentence makes no sense whatsoever, but you gotta admit, you gotta love all peeps with cats


      What is this jibberish?


      If the cat was any older, boy the woman would have seemed like a martian ;-D



      Why was "that woman" wrong? Duolingo gave the correct answer as "this woman".


      That women. This women. Fuzzywuzzy was a woman .


      Why" You understand this woman because she has got a young cat." is refused?


      Doesn't cette meant that?


      "Ce", "cet" & "cette" can all mean "this" or "that" depending on context. So the French sentence in this exercise could translate to "You understand this woman ...." or "You understand that woman ...." in English.


      I suggest the English translation "... as she has a young cat." If we say "because", that implies that her experience is relatable, and mutual. I say this as a fluent English speaker who doesn't speak kitten.

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