"Which children do you help?"

Translation:Quels enfants aides-tu ?

March 28, 2018

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I've practiced this part for hours, and I cannot seem to "guess" the right word: lequel, laquelle, lequels, laquelles, lesquels, lesquelles. Which? Which one? Which of? Which one of? I'm right; then I'm wrong. It's demoralizing.


Quels here is an interrogative adjective. It asks "what" or "which" and as an adjective, it agrees in number and gender with the noun that follows it.

which children → quels enfants
what book → quel livre
which soup → quelle soupe
which houses → quelles maisons

Lequel (and variants) is a pronoun that replaces a noun. It means which one(s)?

quels enfants ? → les + quels = lesquels ? (plural and masculine)
quel livre ? → le + quel = lequel ? (singular and masculine)
quelle soupe ? → la + quelle = laquelle ? (singular and feminine)
quelles maisons ? → les + quelles = lesquelles ? (plural and feminine)


Merci beaucoup! Cela m'aide.


Je vous en prie !


Why cant I use Tu???


You can... W/ quels enfants


Could someone explain the syntax rule that puts enfants after quels? My first guess always ends up being "Quels aides-vous enfants? "


It's same as English; you must put the noun to modify just after quel; like "quels enfants".


I put aidez-vous and it was not accepted. The correct translation was given as aides-tu but these words were not included in the words available to choose from. This is the 42nd error I have found so far!


Quels enfants aidez-vous ? is correct and an accepted answer. What did you type precisely?


Could you please translate “which children help you?


Which children help you? → Quels enfants vous aident ?


Which is a pronoun then why is it quels and not lequelles... getting confused please help


I think the difference is basically; quel = which; lequel = which of these

In English we just use "which" for both, but in French the meanings are split.

So quel is an adjective which has to modify a specific noun (e.g. "which duck?", "which apple").

Lequel is a pronoun you use when the noun can be inferred or has already been specified (e.g. "There are three ducks, which is red?" "I have two apples, which of them do you want?").

To translate from French, you can just translate both as "which".

To translate from English to French, you'll have to work out which use of which is which.


This might be a silly question but are these the same?

Quels enfants aides-tu? Aides-tu quels enfants?


No, the word order in second phrase doesn't work. It would be like "do you help which children" in English.


I wrote: "Quels des enfants qui vous aidez" And it was marked WRONG. Why?


Because it is incorrect.

The interrogative adjective quel(les) is followed by the noun, no preposition. Should be quels enfants.
Qui is a pronoun that replaces a noun. You have two pronouns next to each other (qui vous). Qui will be followed directly by a verb, but it isn't needed in this sentence.
When you start a question with quel(les) you must invert the noun and verb with a tiret. aidez-vous/aides-tu


Children is plural so I wrote quelles...and it's wrong.. someone please explain


Quelles is the feminine plural and enfant is a masculine noun.

So you do need the plural, but you need the masculine plural; "Quels enfants"


If you are talking about children that are all female, yes, you could write quelles enfants aides-tu ? Notice that only the determiner (quels/quelles) changes, the word "enfants" is still spelled and pronounced the same.


What is the French then for "which children help you"


Quels enfants t'aident


quel est-ce quel des enfants aides-tu?

I understand the correct solutions, but isn't that too a correct solution?


No, I'm afraid not. With the possessive adjective "quels" at the beginning of the sentence, you would not use "est-ce que." It is heavy and sounds awkward in French. If you start the question with "quels," invert the noun and verb, quels enfants aides-tu ?


Could you also say, ""Tu aides quels enfants ?"


Yes. You can also say that.


Merci beaucoup. Now i understand the difference between quel,quels,lequel/s and laquelle/s.


But the main concern,where i may slip, is identifying the gender of inanimate things.


The best bet is to memorize the indefinite article, un/une, with each new word you learn. Instead of chaise for chair, learn "une chaise". However, there are certain endings that are nearly always masculine and others that are nearly always feminine. Over time you will see the patterns. This link may be helpful: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/1101225/Noun-genders-in-French

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