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"Il y a des casquettes violettes."

Translation:There are purple caps.

March 28, 2018


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I understand that "There are purple caps" is correct, but why is "There are some purple caps" marked incorrect?

April 2, 2018


My only guess of why Duo didn't accept is that 'some' isn't necessary in this sentence in English, but I think it should be correct.

April 14, 2018


I have the same question. Would a moderator please comment on when "des" can mean "some" and when it cannot. Thank you.

May 7, 2018


I'm getting a bit fed up of this too, des can also mean some but the answer scheme does not allow for this, this is happening time and again.

March 29, 2018


How do we know the difference between caps and hats?? Help

April 30, 2018


It can be a grey, uncertain area. Caps generally have a visor, but never have a brim. Hats usually have a brim, but some do not. You may see women's wedding hats without a brim, but they are still hats, because they are more elaborate and/or grander.

May 3, 2018


yes I agree this is annoying so I am going to report it.

April 13, 2018


Just adding my own irritation at "some" being marked as wrong....

April 18, 2018


"There are some purple caps" was the only accepted answer in another lesson. Make up your mind, Duolingo!

May 14, 2018


Same for mr

April 11, 2018


violets v violettes thought it was a le la thing but no and i do not understand the logic???

April 26, 2018


Casquettes is feminine plural, therefore it goes with violettes. Violet (Masc. S.) Violette (Fem. S.) Violets (Masc. P.) Violettes (Fem. P.)

July 24, 2018


why is it "des" instead of "de la" for feminine casquettes?

August 20, 2018


In correct English, as spoken in England, the word 'some' is required.

April 30, 2018


Wait a minute, I thought colours that derive from nouns, e.g. orange, marron, don't take an -s for plurals. Is Violette not derived from the flower violet? Is this an exception to the exception?

July 30, 2018


how do you know if a word is feminine or masculine to use violets or violettes please?

September 15, 2018


I put "some" too, but i dont let it bother me. All languages have exceptions. I just take note and move on.

May 12, 2018


I think it means, "There are purple caps" and "There are some purple caps".

May 13, 2018


I totally agree with the above. The sentence makes a lot more sense when 'some' is included and to my mind is a perfectly legitimate translation. Come on Duolingo, get with it!

May 21, 2018


are cap and hat not the same thing?

June 13, 2018


Just as in English there are two different words for things worn on the head, so too in French. What do you mean by cap when you use it in English? Hat? Same difference in French, I presume. No?

August 2, 2018


in English violet is a colour of the rainbow

June 25, 2018


Why not "il existe" for there are?

July 3, 2018


Does the audio sound odd to me? The 'v' in violettes sounds like the 's' in vision.

July 12, 2018


I came here because i'm hearing it as "jolette". Any insight?

July 29, 2018


Hat and cap can be interchangeable words for the same head clothing item. That said, they are two different words and I can understand that the translation needs to be kept true.

August 12, 2018


Il a and il y a.... Hm.. Any difference ?

September 14, 2018


Yes, Il a means he has, and il y a means there is.

January 30, 2019


What's the difference between hats and caps?!

December 15, 2018
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