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Chinese conversations and stories

We need stories and conversations for Mandarin

March 28, 2018



Count me in please in case you guys need a Mandarin speaker.


I agree, there are stories for other languages but mandarin is all memerization unlike other languages, so need to be able to practice in different ways.


Not currently in Duolingo. However, you can also try (at least using Android):

1) Decipher Chinese App

2) Du Chinese App

3) cn.nytimes.com (select article of interest select 中英双语 - English and Chinese should appear side by side)

4) http://readchinese.nflc.org/?page=home Read Chinese! materials were developed to provide online e-learning reading lessons aimed at beginning/intermediate students.

Will have to download lessons as the "live lessons" seem to no longer be available . There are two "lesson packs": one for traditional and one for simplified. Each pack is approximately 65-70 Megabytes.

The downloaded html files were designed to work with Firefox 2.0+ and internet Explorer 5.5+. The files do not seem to work with current chrome web browsers but do seem to work with Firefox


I enjoy watching and listening to these kiddie youtube videos that teach kids Chinese. They have videos at all different levels. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCipQJmg3yqouy6MRtPv_0Bg/playlists


Thanks for the link, now my little brother and I can practice at our own level


This side is free and there are many chinese stories on youtube: https://mandarincorner.org https://mandarincorner.org/videos-by-student-level-and-subjects/ It is free, but for the work they do, a donation would be nice.

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