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How Long Does It Take to Have Your Tree Completed?

Guten Tag, Ich heisse Lucy und ich wohne in Norwegen.

I started Duolingo in September and now I am on level 16. I don't know if that is good or bad but I want to be fluent by September this coming year as me and my family are travelling to Germany. Any tips to completing your tree quicker? Thanks!

March 28, 2018



Ich finde das schon sehr gut und sehr schnell. Ich habe für meinen Spanisch-Baum ein Jahr gebraucht und ich finde, ich kann es sehr schlecht. Die Schnelligkeit hängt davon ab, wie oft du wiederholst. Wiederholung ist wichtig, damit die Vokabeln in das Langzeitgedächtnis wandern. Wichtig ist, dir jemanden zu suchen, mit dem du Deutsch sprechen oder schreiben kannst, damit die Wörter aus dem passiven Wortschatz in den aktiven Wortschatz gelangen. Zusätzlich zu Duo würde ich deutsche Zeitungen und Bücher lesen, sowie Radio oder Fernsehen gucken. www.zeit.de www.spiegel.de www.welt.de www.faz.de www.ard.de www.zdf.de http://gutenberg.spiegel.de/

Wenn du Duo auf dem Handy nutzt, tritt einem Club bei um die Kommunikation zu stärken.


Danke schon! Das ist sehr nutlich.


Meintest du: "Danke schön! Das ist sehr nützlich."?

If you have no ä, ö, ü, ß on your keyboard, replace it by ae, oe, ue, ss.

"nutlich" might be understood as "nuttig" (like a bitch; from "die Nutte"), so do not forget the z.


Ja, tut mir Leid. Die automatische Korrektur auf meinem Handy ist furchtbar


Das trägt zwar jetzt nichts zum Thema bei, aber der Imperativ von "treten" lautet "tritt". Bitte, bitte korrigiere das in deinem letzten Satz.

Update: Danke!


Bitte, bitte korregiere das in deinem letzten Satz.

Wer im Glaushaus sitzt...... (scnr :-D)


Oh, Danke! Das wusste ich echt nicht. In meiner eigenen Muttersprache! Das muss ich dringend in meine Liste mit "es giebt" uä aufnehmen.

Aber es heißt doch "die KorrEktur" und "korrEkt", oder?


Das ist korrekt ;-).


In other discussions I read that some people needed 75 or 88 days to complete their German tree (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26714053). But as tanne101 wrote, it depends on how much you repeat and also on your daily effort. If you want to use your learned German, you should not use Duolingo as the one and only source. I also use Lingvist and Wlingua and a little bit busuu. They all are free or it makes sense to use the free version only. I do not know if all there is a German course for English native speaker, because I am German native learning English.


I know it is a prejudice but they say that Scandinavian people are good at English. If you change your course language to English (no matter if or if not you will actually do a course from there) you can access "lab" where you can find "stories". Actually there are some 30 short stories you can listen to to improve your understanding of spoken texts. Then there are the immense resources on the net - choose a blog or even a language vlog to support your efforts. But then again, it always depends on the efforts you are willing to put into the task.

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It took me 4 months in German and over a year in French. There is no general rule. Depends on how much work you put in. It can be anything between a month and 10 years or even never :-)

A tip to finish quicker: work hard.


"A tip to finish quicker: work hard."

I prefer the memory pillow someone posted a link to the other day. Go to sleep and wake up knowing a new language.

I refuse to believe that was a joke... they must exist somewhere. :)

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I just recently heard a saying: "Languages cannot be taught, they can only be learned". It's very truthful. Sadly there is no pillow like that :-) and no teacher can pour the information into your head. So "work hard" fits :-)

Luckily drilling vocabulary (Duolingo) is the hardest part, when you can do that, everything after that can be much more fun (reading, watching TV shows, hopefully speaking to people...).

Happy learning.


In German we call this memory pillow "Nürnberger Trichter". "posting it into your head" is "jemandem etwas(Akk.) eintrichtern".


I have never heard it before


Portuguese (EN-PT) took me ~1 year.

About 1-1,5 years is easily to reach to complete a tree if you do not speed through it and you complement with other resources like Memrise, 50languages, Lingvist, Mondly, uTalk, etc.

I heard mixed stories from users here in the discussions that for some it took even longer, they stopped, etc.


If you don't have so much time and you want to be as fluent as possible, keep the difficulty level low, that means, don't enter in the past(Präteritum)/conditional/subjunctive forms, but focus on the spoken tenses (Präsens, Perfekt). On the other hand, do as much practice as you can watching videos/television and talking/writing to people. Novels are often not the best idea since they use a style that is different from what you would use while talking to your friends.... You can anyway search for something like "light" or childrens' literature. Maybe some people have suggestions what is close to spoken German. My girlfriend started with "Tagebuch einer Killerkatze", which is pretty amazing to read also for me, since it contains lots of idioms from spoken German. Made me laugh reading them in a book ;-).


I began my Tree at the start of 2014. I feel I haven't been too slow (though from these comments apparently i have) Sometimes I get into habits of not doing Duo for a while and then other times I am doing nothing but learning the language for weeks whenever i have the time.

I am only level 17 though and past halfway of my tree and feel i am going at a fine pace for my learning. Other people may need to go slower or faster but I find it hard to believe that people can finish their tree's in 6 months and commit everything to memory. (Unless of course, you're 24/7ing the tree and have a very great memory )


I finished my spanish tree in 5 days and took 28 days to finish it the second time. It is shorter than the german tree though. The app is faster than the desktop version.

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