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  5. "J'aide mon enfant."

"J'aide mon enfant."

Translation:I am helping my child.

March 28, 2018



Please, add the 'kid/kids' option to the newly added exercises, not only children.


"Gamin" is a very good deal more informal than "kid," as judged by relative frequencies in published works as indexed by Google NGrams.


Words rarely have perfect one-to-one correspondence across languages, and the fact that the relative frequencies of the pairs of words in writing are very different point to that being no different here.

"child" is 13 times more common than "kid" in published books; meanwhile "enfant" is 69 times more common than "gamin" in published books. That means that for every use of "gamin" one would expect English-language authors to have used "kid" 5.3 times. In short, to keep the word usage frequencies the same between languages, the most common translation of "kid" by far would be "enfant," which would be used in over 4 out of 5 instances.


You will find that the word gamin is being used in new sentences to translate "kid". Perhaps that's the reason why "kid" is no longer accepted as a translation for enfant.



"I am aiding my child.", is also a reasonable translation.


why is 'I help my child' incorrect?


Go-to guess: (really) silly omission for a newly-added sentence. Please report it if it comes around again.

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