"Sophie et Anne veulent être informaticiennes."

Translation:Sophie and Anne want to be computer scientists.

March 28, 2018

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We write " Sophy or Sophy" is the same thing . No??????


Sorry "Sophy or Sofie"


There is no need to change the spelling of a person's name.

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Sure, if you get the written version of this question, don't change the spelling when you translate.

But all versions of the name need to be acceptable for the audio version of the question. There's no way to tell the preferred spelling from the sound.

That said, while an English speaker might spell her name "Sophy", I don't think a French speaker would. I'd accept it, but some people wouldn't.


Good point - I didn't think about the "type what you hear" questions. I must admit that I have never seen it spelt Sophy - that just looks odd (sorry to any "Sophys" out there).


Yes! Get annoyed missing a question because I have a typo in a name!


It rejected "software developer." It probably would reject "computer programmer" and "software engineer" too. Agreed that "computer scientist," "information scientist" and "data scientist" are more exact, but those first three are closer than "IT engineer," which I take to be a synonym for "sys admin." Reported 30 March 2018.


Software development, programming and engineering are not computer science, or at least are a very small subset of it. Just as if someone said they wanted to be a doctor you wouldn't ask for "cardiologist" to be accepted.

Data science is a different field (of which I am a part!) with some overlap with informatics but again it is not synonymous. Information scientist is about right.



Would be fsir to accept Sofie


My completely correct answer was pronounced wrong!!!

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