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  5. Level 9 In Spanish. :D


Level 9 In Spanish. :D

I'm so close to my current goal. (Level 10) I'm very, very happy!

Does anyone have any tips for motivation? I want to finish Spanish...but....level 25 seems so far away.

And would anyone be so kind as to practice with me, please?

March 28, 2018



Great job! The best way to achieve something is by working at it a little everyday, and this is especially true when you are studying a foreign language! ; ) Keep at it!


Thank you Joy! :) I guess I have trouble with "a little at a time". I like to get atleast 100 XP a day.


XD No, that's good! Just make sure you do some everyday, our brains learn best from repetition, that's what I meant. ; D


Yup! Thank you. :D


Yes, good going! "El continuo goteo cava en la piedra."

I will practice with you, if you like.


How do you practice together in Duolingo?


No idea. To keep normal contact info discrete, one could sign up for elon.io (another language site). That has a chat feature.


No, I believe we are allowed to practice in the forums? That is what I have been told.


Congrats! :)

What helped my motivation was to set the daily XP threshold on minimum, so it wouldn't feel like a chore on my unmotivated days where all I want to do is continue my streak. Some days I'm barely in the mood to do the 10XP, some days I'll do 300+.

You're welcome to practice with me if you want. I'm AsheSkyler across pretty much every platform I'm on if you want to go somewhere other than the Duolingo forums.


Thank you AsheSkyler. :DD And okay. Right now I am participating in an XP competition. So maybe when I finish we could practice in this discussion?


Thank you very much Emma! :)

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