"Vous posez le pain et le beurre."

Translation:You put the bread and the butter down.

March 29, 2018

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Hmm. I'm guessing I wasn't actually wrong when I answered, "You put down the bread and the butter."


You are putting down the bread and the butter is a perfectly acceptable translation, Duo needs to correct this.


I agree - this was my first translation also


I answered the same as you and was marked wrong. I think they need to accept our translation!


In my opinion, your sentence structure is better than the given answer. If it was rejected, report that it should be accepted should you get it again.


I answered "You are putting down the bread and the butter." Marked wrong?


why can this not work in the continuous? eg 'you are putting down the bread and the butter'


I used set out rather than put down. I think it conveys the same meaning


“le pain et le buerre;” why is this “the bread and butter” and not "the bread and the butter"


we keep being told to stick as closely to the french text as possible, but when we do, we are penalized. I would never say the bread and the butter in english, but that’s what the french said so that’s how i translated it. This stuff is going to drive me nuts.


Yeah, I guess it's only because of that context of the way the two commonly connect together in English('bread and butter'). Almost any other two objects in the sentence would warrant word for word.


I entered "You set down the bread and the butter" and was marked wrong. Can anyone tell me why?


You set down the bread and the butter, should be accepted.


I put you are putting . What's wrong with that?

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