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"Je mange du pain grillé le matin."

Translation:I eat toasted bread in the morning.

March 29, 2018



Pain grillé IS toast, correct? In other words, it is bread that is heated Brown, or grilled or however they want to say it, in the end we call it toast. There is no need to specify toasted bread. Now, if it was another type, you would say toasted Bagel, or toasted croissant, or toasted hamburger bun. But, without the specification, in American English, bread is the default. Therefore, I think my answer of toast instead of toasted bread should be accepted.


Also the same in UK English


I put toast and was marked wrong - toasted bread was suggested instead!


The phrase in English would be "I eat toast in the morning." Never "toasted bread"


This was accepted for me 18 june


In English you could say "I eat toast" would it make sense to do the same in French? "Je mange du grillé"


Why is "I eat grilled bread in the mornings." incorrect here? If "grillé" does not mean "grilled", then how would you say that? I grill slices of bread all the time!


Toast should be accepted.


I agree with all the people above: "toasted bread" is an expression I have never heard in American English; "toast" is the only way of saying it. Sometimes, you say "grilled bread" if you have prepared it in the oven instead of in the toaster.


Toast IS toasted bread in English and is ALWAYS called 'toast'and definitely NEVER called 'toasted bread'. Please have a person whose first language review your translations before you use them in Duo!


No comments yet... Would dans le matin or au matin be accepted?


no " le matin" is the only possibility le matin = in the morning


No, it's idiomatic French for "in the morning".


Thank you, I was curious about the lack of a conjunction here. Wow, sometimes I have to say French is a bit strange, they do seem to throw in a lot of little words à, de, au, dans, a lot, here, nothing. This is the first time I can recall seeing it this way. So can you start a sentence this way? With le matin? Can this sentence be turned around to start with Le matin?


Sorry I didn't see this! I am no expert but can't see why you couldn't. :)


The phraseToasted bread is rarely used as toast is bread that is toasted. However I eat bread that has been toasted is fine.


I eat toast in the morning


Would "I eat toasted bread in the morning" work?


You could say that but just "toast" is understood as toasted bread.


Yes, n6zs, you put what I was trying to say so succinctly. Toast is the name we call toasted bread in American English. Thank you.


But I answered toast without the bread part and was marked wrong.


New word Du pain grille You recognised across English speaking world as simply 'toast'

Maybe you could grill cheese on top then you have grilled cheese on toast. Thinking further some English speaking places call a grill a brouler Forget the cheese Its's just toast


Who ever says toasted bread? Sometimes working with DL feels like I'm playing russian roulette or walking through a minefield.


Toast IS grilled bread!


So I try to remember the words that Duo used and I wrote grilled bread. It corrected me and said it should be toasted bread. Hahaha that's just silly.

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