"The duck eats the pizza."

Translation:Le canard mange la pizza.

March 29, 2018



I feel like I committed a social faux pas by saying "le pizza" instead of "la pizza". It's like the pizza said, "Excuse me? I am a GIRL pizza!" It takes time to get used to the idea that nouns have genders. I thought it was a quirky French thing, but apparently, most languages I've come across have some form of nouns-have-genders rules. Anyone know why so many languages have gendered nouns?

March 29, 2018


It's important to note that noun genders are grammatical genders and have nothing to do with physical or sexual gender. Remember this when you're wondering why a necktie is feminine and a bra is masculine.

Romance languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc.) employ two genders, while some others (e.g., German) have three or more. It's all because the ancient languages they stemmed from used genders. English is strange that it has gendered pronouns (he, she) but not gendered nouns. Some languages (Japanese, Korean, Tagalog) have no gendered anything. Again, because of all their language roots.

March 29, 2018


Howard le canard

June 30, 2018


why would a duck eat a pizza?????

August 1, 2018


If you got a cold, stale pizza you can feed it to ducks, I guess. Last time I was fishing, I fed swans with my pizza. -_-

January 25, 2019


What a waste.

April 9, 2018


Pizza isn't stated as female.

March 12, 2019
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