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Strategy and Resources (Requesting suggestions)

Guten Tag! I am learning German, and have been since last year. After completing the tree about 50% I took a hiatus that lasted several months. Since then I have picked up Duolingo- eventually relearning all that I had done in the past and now I am on my way forward. Each day when I get on about 5 skills deteriorate and I make them gold, then I learn one more category followed by reading one of the Duolingo stories, afterwards I watch a German show on Netflix with German subtitles. Throughout the day I listen to my favorite music in German as well. However, if I work on my tree at my current pace I will conclude the show and complete the stories much before finishing the Duolingo skill tree. Do you have any suggestions on how I could adjust my routine to make those mile stones more inline, or can you all provide additional resources so that I can supplement my practice after I finish my show and the Duolingo stories? Vielen Dank. Mach's gut!

-Dirk Selbee

March 29, 2018


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When you finish the stories you can start over from the beginning, it doesn't hurt to do them more times... When you finish the show you can watch another one :-)

I think you have established a nice routine. Keep it up and it will take you somewhere.

Happy learning :-)


Thank you. Do you have any movie or TV show suggestions in particular? Or could you tell me where I should look for more outside of Netflix?

[deactivated user]

    I agree with this statement, however, there aren't many shows (German or English) that offer accurate German subtitles. I heard the series Dark on Netflix has the best German subtitles. Also, a great German book series is Dino lernt Deutsch, it is great for reading comprehension. I forgot to add this but, once you are confident in German try German dubbed shows without subtitles.

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