"Tomatoes are fruits."

Translation:Les tomates sont des fruits.

March 29, 2018

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"Fruits" is very rarely used. It would be better as "Tomatoes are fruit".


If its "Les tomates" shouldn't it be "The Tomatoes"?


The definite article (le, la, l', les) is also used for general statements, for example, tomatoes are fruit.

Both translations with and without "the" are accepted.


I had to translate from English "Tomatoes are fruits" and answered with "Des tomates sont des fruits" and it didn't accept it? Am I wrong or should I report it?


That is not a correct translation. "Des" is simply the plural of "un" or "une." When you say "tomatoes are fruits" you mean all tomatoes in general are fruit, not just two or three of them. In French, this is always expressed with the definite article. In this case, it's "les."

  • Tomatoes are fruits. = Les tomates sont des fruits.

Also note that this only applies to the subject of the sentence, because the general statement you're making is about the subject. "Fruits" still makes use of the indefinite article "des" because you're not making a general statement about fruits.


Very helpful - thanks!


'LES tomates' is required or it will be marked wrong. Translating into French requires an article.

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