"Do you know Egypt?"

Translation:Connaissez-vous l'Égypte ?

March 29, 2018

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What does this mean, are we asking if they've heard of the country?


Yes. "Are you acquainted with Egypt?" It is a little more than just fleetingly knowing its name, but you would not have an in depth knowledge of the country.

So, if you know Paris so well you could easily navigate it without a map, you would use savoirJe sais Paris ! However, if you have read a lot about Paris but haven't been there you would say Je connais Paris.



I submitted because I suspect it should be accepted, but is there a reason I don't know of that I was marked wrong for: "Est-ce que tu connais l'Égypte?"


I agree - that is a valid translation. You say "I submitted", does this mean you reported that it should be accepted? If so, great; if not, please report it if you get the sentence again. Merci.


Sorry, bad choice of words. I reported it at the time.


Since when is DL picking up capitalization in learner answers??? All part of the new and improved?

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