"Le temps est nuageux."

Translation:The weather is cloudy.

March 29, 2018

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i love duolingo but this is one of many examples of poorly delivered/recorded words making our challenge impossible


We would not say the weather is cloudy. Being cloudy is what it is like outside. We just wouldn't repeat the phrase "the weather is." And in several cases where DL asks about the weather we would state the temperature. I will try to find.an example.

Other thoughts from native English speakers?


I agree. I never say the weather is cloudy. I wrote It is cloudy out because they were requiring this structure way back at the beginning. They need to accept more good translations rather than marking us wrong. We know how to speak our own language!


Could you also say "Il y a du nuage" or "Il y a du nuageux" ? Nuageux means cloudy. Would it also be the plural form of cloud?


nuageux = cloudy. It's not the plural form of cloud = nuage. You can say Il fait nuageux = It is cloudy (remember that for the weather, we use the verb faire in French). You can also say Il y a des nuages = There are clouds


What is the distinction between "Le temps est nuageux (/humide/brouillard/etc.)" and "Il fait..."?


There is no big difference here. It’s a bit like saying "What is the difference between The weather is cold and It’s cold?”. In the sentence Le temps est nuageux, we explicitly talk about the weather, whereas in Il fait nuageux, it’s implicit.

N.B. We cannot say Il fait brouillard, because brouillard = mist is a noun.


Is one form of phrases (i.e. "il fait. . . " vs "le temps est. . .") more stilted or overly formal. Or do they both sound perfectly natural for everyday conversation?

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    I am having a terrible time remembering which is foggy and which is cloudy, du brouillard or nuageux. Does anyone have a trick to help? Usually the French words have some similarity to English (for me), but I cannot find anything to connect these. Thanks!


    Le temps est nuageux/C'est nuageux=Il fait des nuages/Le ciel est couvert.

    Il y a du brouillard/Il y a de la brume = It's foggy.

    For a trick, brouillard means foggy and Boston gets quite foggy.

    Il y a du brouillard à Boston.

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      Thanks for trying to help. I had no idea Boston is foggy! Cleveland was often very overcast, which was a huge change from Colorado and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Now I'm in sunny Florida, with very little of nuageux or brouillard!!! :-)


      I think of nebulous clouds and cumulus clouds, to remember nuages for clouds, the other word is foggy. lol

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        Thanks, Wanda


        could you also say... le temps est brumeux for it is foggy, or il y a des nuages for... it is cloudy or il fait brumeux it is foggy...or il fait nuageux for it is cloudy... are you free to use all these different versions for weather?


        Would it be okay to say C'est nuageux?


        Oh my God! These weather lessons are by far the most confusing. I wish there were a chart or something provided for better understanding.

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