"Je suis une femme et tu es un homme."

Translation:I am a woman and you are a man.

March 29, 2018

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I answered correctly but got incorrect somehow


What was your exact answer and what kind of exercise was it?


The problem with the item tonight is that the original sentence is this:

I am a woman and you _a man.

1) is 2) and

Neither answer is correct. The correct answer is "are," but that is not one of the two options.


It gave you an English sentence and asked you to fill in the blank?

Or did it give you the French sentence "Je suis une femme et tu _ un homme." with the options "es" and "et"? If that was it, "es" is correct, it is the conjugation of the verb "être" (to be) for 2nd pers. sing. in present tense (tu).


How do you pronounce "es"?


If you read IPA, it's /ɛ/ (if you're into technical explanations, here is the Wikipedia page on it). It's roughly equivalent to the vowel sound in the English "says".

There's a complication when it's followed by a word beginning with a vowel, however. In this case, the "s" is pronounced, attached to the beginning of the next word - "Tu e-Zune femme". This is called a liaison. More info about those here.


I too got the same


Are you sure you didn't answer with "women" rather than "woman"?


I did too, though I did accidentally spell woman as women.


Why is a man's voice saying this. If were trying to associate, wouldn't it be more sensible for a woman to be saying " I am a woman and you are a man"?


There are two voices on this course, a male and a female. Which reads which sentence is entirely random (and not the same every time) and we can't control it.


I went back to try out the newly downloaded "CROWN" basic level (in phone app) .. "Je suis une femme et tu ES un homme".. I answewed " ....... tu EST un homme" and it was marked incorrect. I am almost sure "EST" was correct in previous lessons??... Can someone please enlighten me? Also, i had a lot of other fails due to minor English typo's which were never an issue in the older version.. I am only on my second BASIC lesson so far (Yikes!)


If "tu est" was ever accepted, that was an error. "est" goes with "il/elle/on", "es" goes with "tu".


Ok thanks for that. Now I am going to have to get used to this correction. Just FYI, or for anyone who can help.. I started back at the Basic level of the new CROWN update. Yes it seems useful and very comprehensive but the repetition is beyond boring for a more advanced user (and I am far from being an expert). Also, after completing all levels of the first Basic section, I have returned today to discover that none of my effoets were saved and now I have to do the whole bleeping thing all over again! Je suis une femme tres agacee! Grrrrgh! (P.S. This applies to both my phone app and website account.. Oh, ..and Duo also forgot my password, which I had to reset. I am not impressed!!) Thanks.


Do remember that you don't have to get all 5 crowns in a skill before you move on. You can get the whole tree to 1, then to 2, then to 3... On my ES<-FR tree I'm going through a row at a time, one lesson in each skill in the next row every day until they're at 3 crowns (if one skill in the row gets to 3 before the others I just drop it for the moment), then move on to the next row, repeat. I find that helps with boredom; on the other hand it means slow progress. But to speed up I could just increase the number of lessons I do in each skill every day.


Ok thanks for that, you might have saved my sanity. :-)


I'm having difficulty with the pronuciation of some words, such as femme, et, es, and homme. I'm hearing it slightly different everytime their used but that could just be me, and the voice either reads it too fast for me to grasp or the voice is too "mechanical" for me to understand. Please help!


Frankly, the TTS is very far from perfect (especially the female voice) and I recommend learning pronunciation elsewhere. For pronunciation of single words and common phrases, I highly recommend Forvo.com. You can listen to recordings by native speakers, often more than one. For example, if you search for "tu es", it will bring up "tu es" by itself, with 5 different pronunciations, and other words and phrases containing "tu es" as well. If you're into technical explanations, I also recommend that you give the Wikipedia article on French phonology a read. In fact, I recommend it even if you aren't. I didn't think I was until I gave it a chance and now I'm really into it. :) This video series is also well worth a watch. 1, 2, 3.


Please clarify, am I a man or a woman, or a boy or a girl? I think this topic has been belaboured enough!


We don't have many words we can use at this point in the course, but we still have to come up with sentences somehow! That's why they're all so similar for a bit.


Is it possible to have a double liaison, as in the phrase "Tu es un homme"? Would it be pronounced /too eh z-u n-om/? It sounds like the (female) voice is saying it, but in the first part of the sentence, there is no liaison for "...suis une..." It should be there, too, right?


Yes, it should be. As I mentioned in this comment the TTS is unfortunately very far from perfect...


How many levels are there?


If you mean XP levels, 25. If you mean crown levels, 5 per skill, so to find the total number of crowns in a tree just count the skills and multiply by 5.


feels like over a million


Do periods count


Not usually, but it's safest to use them just in case.


I decided to test "lady" instead of "woman" for "femme" and I'm quite sad it isn't accepted. Oh well.


There's a reason for it though! :) "Lady" is better translated as "dame".


isn't "(you) are" est, not es or et?


No, "est" is 3rd person singular (il/elle/on est) and "es" is 2nd person singular (tu es). The full conjugation of "to be" in simple present:

aaaasingularaaaa aaaapluralaaaa
je suis nous sommes
tu es vous êtes
il/elle est ils/elles sont


"et" is also wrong, that's the conjunction "and".


I too answered correctly but it shows wrong


Are you sure you didn't type "women" rather than "woman"?


it should be masculine not feminine


Are you sure you didn't write "women" instead of "woman"?


I got this 1 right but missed it because of a period at the end?


What Duo underlines is unfortunately often not where the problem really lies. Are you sure you didn't write "women" instead of "woman" or "men" instead of "man"?


I keep getting it wrong even though i know its right.


What exact answer are you giving and what type of exercise is it?

[deactivated user]

    Same here. I wrote the answer and then was marked as wrong when i cant see the fault


    I answered it correct and duolingo is showing the same answer but somehow it is incorrecting me.


    Accisentally put two "ands" in my answer. Whoops


    If we place female in place of woman how is that wrong..


    Just so you know when whoever does the voice femme and fille sound so similar its hard to tell what she is actually saying. For instants like when the want you to spell what they say in french the will say je suis une femme but the only way you can tell if its actually femme or fille is if they add a et tu es un homme or garçon because the will always put homme with femme and garçon with fille. I dont know if you can fix it to where they sound a little different or not but i hope you can resolve the issue some way because i keep getting it wrong because of that. I wanted to post this on a more relevant question but it wouldnt allow anymore comments on the question it actually applied to.


    I accidentally typed in 'ar' instead of 'are' which is annoying. I honestly think that they shouldn't say that the answer is wrong because of a small spelling mistake, I mean what if you are very bad at spelling (that would be very unfair). I feel like they should change that on the next update. Please can other people comment if they agree or disagree


    I also answered correctly but if gave it to me wrong


    The app glitched and turned my micropon off


    It said i was wrong lol


    I am answering correctly but it keep saying i am wrong!


    The stupid multiple choice does not give the correct answer. How daft is that !!


    I answered correctly but it continued to show it was wrong


    Is there anyway to adjust the speed of the replay? it seems as though when i push the button to hear it again it goes at the speed of light. I want to make sure I have the correct pronunciation


    This one was a little confusing, But, It did help me learn


    I entered the right answer but got it wrong


    I answered correctly but showed incorrect instead answer shown is exact same only fullstop correction is there.

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