"Laquelle est-ce ?"

Translation:Which one is it?

March 29, 2018

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The audio in the app sounds like "lequel est-ce?" not "laquelle est-ce?"


I have now attempted to speak into the microphone several times to repeat this sentence and each time it only accepts the word Laquelle and won't record the est-ce part. There is nothing wrong with my pronunciation, I've been doing this successfully for 3 years now. I'm having to accept that what I say is incorrect and move on, which spoils my record. Please do something about it!


There's nothing the course creators can do about it. It might be an issue with how your microphone is picking your voice up today, or it might be an issue with Duo; you can submit a bug report here.


Maybe the technology of voice to text is not yet perfected. maybe as much as 5% of my spoken responses are marked wrong, even after I practice speaking right along with the speaker many times. Yet other times, even before the words are all out of my mouth, i get credit and we move on. It would be nice if there was a way to know how/why a spoken response didn't qualify.


Which which is which? Lequel is masculine and lequelle is feminine. How can you tell this is a feminine question?


Laquelle is feminine and sounds a little different than lequel.


Lequel est-ce was rejected for me too. No fair!

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