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  5. "Est-ce qu'il neige ?"

"Est-ce qu'il neige ?"

Translation:Is it snowing?

March 29, 2018



I think the lady saying this needs some water, that voice crack was terrific!


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Confused here, why is it "Est-ce qu'il neige" and not "Est-ce que c'est neige"?

I thought "Est-ce qu'il" = "does he/is he"

and "Est-ce que c'est" = "is it"

This was the sample Doulingo gave:

Est-ce qu'il boit ? — Does he drink? / Is he drinking?

Est-ce que c'est un problème ? — Is it a problem?

Est-ce qu'il a un chien ? — Does he have a dog?


C'est neige would make it mean "It's snow" (snow being a noun). Il neige, on the other hand (neige being the present tense of neiger), is a set phrase meaning "it is snowing/it snows." Expression relating to weather are expressed with il: Il pleut, il fait chaud, il fait froid, for example.


Thanks for the explanation!


Is the weather here to refered to as "he"? And what are other cases you can use this "est-ce qu'il *" phrase? Only with the weather?


No, the weather is not "he" but "it" (always masculine). A feminine "it" can be referred to as "elle". You could also say "Est-ce qu'il/qu'elle là ?" for instance, "Is he/she/it here?"


I was guessing all the questions in duolingo!!!!!!!!!


Can't see what is wrong with this


Aside from "Is it snowing?" will "Does it snow?" also be a correct/acceptable translation for "Est-ce qu'il neige?" Thanks in advance!

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