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  5. "We get up."

"We get up."

Translation:Wir stehen auf.

March 29, 2018



Literal translation- We stand up.


Wir wecken auf is wrong. Why?


(auf)wecken is to wake someone else up.

It does not mean to get up out of bed, nor even to wake up (by yourself), which is aufwachen.


Isn't that what Aunt Petunia said to Harry, the morning of Dudley's birthday? Steh auf!


What about 'wir steigen auf' as in we get up the mountain not we get up out of bed?


I put the same thing and was marked wrong.


Why is 'Wir stehen uns auf" incorrect?


Why is 'Wir stehen uns auf" incorrect?

Why do you think it would be correct?

The verb is aufstehen and not sich aufstehen -- it is not reflexive.


Thank you. I appreciate the education.


Again, eu stehen and nicht stellen? I remember my old german teacher telling us about static and movement verbs: for staying vertical/up: stehen/stellen, horizontal/lying down: liegen/legen and sitting on a chair: sitzen/setzten. "We get up" implies movement, so it should have been: "Wir stellen auf". Do I remember my old German lessons wrong?


stehen and nicht stellen?

It's aufstehen (stand up, get up [from bed]), not stehen (stand).

"We get up" implies movement, so it should have been: "Wir stellen auf".

wir stellen ... auf implies that we cause something else to stand -- for example, we put up the nativity scene.

When we stand up from sitting or get up from bed, we use aufstehen.

Do I remember my old German lessons wrong?

You are correct in general. For example, to lie down is sich hinlegen and to sit down is sich hinsetzen (not hinliegen, hinsitzen) -- but aufstehen is what we use for standing up, not sich aufstellen (which would mean "get into formation" or "arrange oneself" or "stand [for an election]").


Thanks mizinamo. I took German lesson many years ago, and I remember my teacher saying that German is very easy, everything is by the rules: "mathematisch".

Except for the exceptions that is. Which are too many to count...

This reminds me of Mark Twain's essay about the beauty of the German language, essay that I can not recommend enough. Anyway, it seems that here we have an(other) exception.


I thought it was: "wir stehen an" what did I say in german?


I thought it was: "wir stehen an" what did I say in german?

"We are standing in line / We are queuing."


Wir gehen hinauf

That would mean "we go up(wards)", not "we get up (out of bed)".


I thought Stehan and Steigen ...both mean get...

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