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"Ils ont des pommes de terre et du pain."

Translation:They have potatoes and bread.

March 29, 2018



Potatoes and bread.. Do they go together well? Never tried


It may be worth pointing out that using "avoir" here (for "have") only means that they possess it. "Have" is also used in the sense of consuming food or drink but that is a different verb (prendre), e.g., ils prennent des pommes de terre et du pain" = they are having potatoes and bread.


Please remind me why is it not "de la pommes de terre" since they used "du" pain? I seem to be either forgetting something or am unclear here. Thanks!


They have used the plural form - the potatoes - "les pommes de terre". De + les --> des.


Why du pain not pain?


In French, when talking about some unspecified amount/number of something, you need to use the partitive article (de + article).
In English, we can either use a null article or "some".

Il mange du pain - He is eating (some) bread

See this page


I wrote "some" potatoes and "some" bread and was marked incorrect.


It's shown as accepted on our end. What was your full sentence?


It didn't accept the form "They've got", which, I think, is perfectly acceptable and current UK English.
I think DL does allow it in some other exercises.

I have reported it.

Update: Just been informed (only a few hours later) that they have accepted my suggestion and “They've got potatoes and bread.” should now be accepted.


Pls check it again, it has word pomme why....not apple


"pomme de terre" is a single unit which translates to "potato".

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