"Elles vendaient des œufs et du beurre."

Translation:They used to sell eggs and butter.

March 29, 2018



In this instance, how can we differentiate elles vendaient and elle vendait

March 29, 2018

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Whenever new sentences are added, there are often issues of homophones. These situations are not automatic and must be entered manually by the team of moderators. I have just added this one to the list of homophones but be aware that it may take staff some time before they act on it.

June 15, 2018


I have also been learning Italian on DL. I have never, evr, had such issues with learning that language. It seems that the many errors like this in the French version are specific to that language.

December 25, 2018


Are there as many homophones in Italian as in French?

March 26, 2019


But still not fixed yet...

January 23, 2019


Great :) !

March 28, 2019


Agree, how are we expected to separate "elle vendait ..." from "elles vendaient ..." without more context?

June 21, 2018


Thanks, still not fixed.

October 21, 2018


"Elle vendait" is still not an accepted answer on the listening

November 20, 2018


Which is the correct prononciation of "des oeufs" please? Is it "dez-oeuf" as above, or "dezoo" as the first pronunciation, or are both good?

October 17, 2018


In case it is helpful to anybody else, I have been told by a native speaker to pronounce the f in un œuf - like in neuf (nine), but not in the plural des œufs. Although he said some French speakers do pronounce the f in the plural.

November 25, 2018


Actually this is the first time I've heard oeufs pronounced properly without the "f" sound. Congratulations, Duo!

February 27, 2019


elle vendait still not accepted

February 17, 2019
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