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  5. "Elle mange comme un oiseau."

"Elle mange comme un oiseau."

Translation:She eats like a bird.

March 29, 2018


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Is this a very strange sentence or is it a standing expression?


It is, and in both languages. It means that she does not eat much.


In Spanish we would say ella come un pajarito (lit. "she eats like a little bird") and it means the same thing. I wonder what the origin of this expression is.


it brazilian portuguese it means the same, but it could also mean that she makes a mess while she eats. the latter is often said to kids that leave grains of rice around the table after finishing their meal. :)


haha ok thanks. I was thinking the same thing like... eeh i would never say that. Thanks for explaining :D


Do you know whereabouts this expression is spoken in English? It's a good saying, not one i've heard before.


In Europe, birds eat little and often but vultures gorge themselves on carrion until they cannot fly. They just flop around on the ground until they have digested enough meat to fly.

This is a common expression in English, French, and Spanish. I wonder if it exists in languages from places where there is little food for birds and they must gorge on whatever is available whenever it is available.


Dee reynolds, everyone


'Her eating habits are akin to that of a bird' was not accepted. Not expecting it to be, just messing around and testing Duo's boundaries.... ;)


The "turtle" repetition was missing when I tried to play it.


Very strange to say that about someone


elle s'appelle deandra reynolds

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