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"You can expect positive effects on your future."

Translation:Tu peux attendre des effets positifs sur ton avenir.

March 29, 2018


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'in' you future not 'on' your future

March 29, 2018


The two don't mean the same thing. "in your future" means that you will see positive effects later, even if they don't really affect you personally that much. "on your future" means that your future will be affected positively, maybe your chances of getting that job you dream about will be increased.

I hope that makes sense, the distinction is a little hard to explain. :)


I was under the impression that "to expect" was reflexive in french, differentiating it from "to wait" ... I guess I was wrong?


Word Reference dictionary gives "s' attendre à" and "attendre" as translations of "to expect". I think that the former is more usual. Could a native speaker please confirm that?

Reference: https://www.wordreference.com/enfr/expect


'in' you future not 'on' your future


Please explain why "futur" cannot be used in place of "avenir?"

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