"They make the machines now."

Translation:Teď ty stroje vyrábějí oni.

March 29, 2018

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It's very handy that Czech can use word order to change emphasis, whereas in English we have to use intonation, which is difficult to convey in print. In addition to "THEY make the machines now" (and not someone else), it would be just as natural for this sentence, purely as written, to mean "They MAKE the machines now" (rather than purchasing them ready-made), or "They make the MACHINES now. " (They used to make baskets. Now they make the machines that make the baskets.)


I tried "Ted oni ty stroje vyrabeji" .... why put the "they" at the end of the sentence?


It is there because that is the message of the sentence. THEY are making them and not someone else. Other word orders are possible as well, but when ONI is not stressed, it is typically left out "Teď vyrábějí ty stroje.".


i think this is the first time i noticed the pronoun at the end of the sentence.


It accepted mine which is "Teď oni vyrábí stroje" but reading the comments I suppose it would be a little more natural "Teď vyrábí ty stroje" respecting the stressed "the machines" part...


Also, disregarding the demonstrative issue, "Oni teď vyrábí stroje" or "Teď vyrábí stroje" are both much more natural than "Teď oni vyrábí stroje".


Why vyrábí instead of vyrábějí?


Both are possible.


"Vyráběji teď ty mašíny" is wrong? I thought word order was more flexible.


we are having an internal side bar. your proposal corresponds to the english sentence with the sentence stress They make THE MACHINES now. it is easy to disagree on this because we differ in our approach to translations justified only by intonation on one or even both sides. i am adding your translation for now.



The word order of your sentence is very, very unusual. Although Czech word order is pretty relaxed, as opposed to English, it does not mean that there are no rules.

And it's vyrábějí and mašiny. Pay attention to the accents :)


well, i think there might be some kind of glitch in this lesson, because it tells me i have a typo in my answer, and the answer it gives me for without the typo is drastically different. i put: "vyrábějí stroje ted'." it says: "Teď ty stroje vyrábějí oni."

can someone tell me if my answer is acceptable? or is the word order wrong? or do i need the pronouns?

thank you.


Placing "teď" at the end as you've suggested sounds quite strange. I don't have any official explanation for it, but from a native's perspective, words such as "teď", "tady" and similar are more likely to be placed in certain positions. "Vyrábějí teď stroje." sounds much better for a neutral sentence, while "Teď vyrábějí stroje." adds a little emphasis on "teď".


So does... vyrabet? follow the Kupovat paradigm or the spi paradigm?


vyrábět, 3rd person singular vyrábí

It cannot be kupovat, because that is kupuje, totally different.

It is actually the sází (he plants, he bets) paradigm which is very similar to spí. One of the important differences is exactly this 3rd person plural form: vyrábějí vs just spí. But just vyrábí is also possible.


Would “The machines make them now.” be “Teď je ty stroje vyrábějí.” or “Stroje teď vyrábějí je.”?


Yes, either. Or "Teď je vyrábějí ty stroje.". The right order depends on the context and the exact meaning.

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