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  5. "Mon manteau bleu est épais."

"Mon manteau bleu est épais."

Translation:My blue coat is thick.

March 29, 2018



Could this be translated as My blue coat is heavy?


In English heavy is certainly the correct word. I am skeptical that Duo would accept it, so am not trying it.


You can have a thick coat. Thick meaning the coat has substantial fabric, perhaps stuffed with something or has layers? As in, opposite of thin. Heavy just refers to weight.


I think that would translate from English to French using "gros" not "épais". I suspect that "grand" is used for size referring to height; "gros" size, referring to volume; and "épais" size, referring to thickness.


Its interesting that French is like English in this particular instance, having only one word to refer to both the thickness of a solid and the viscosity of a liquid. Spanish has 2: "Grueso" for solids and "espeso" for liquids.


The "est" in the faster voice is almost inaudible.


I swear she does not pronounce est in the fast version


Is it wrong if used jacket in case of coat?


epais sounds better for something liquid, like honey or oil. for a coat it should be gros

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