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SAT Subjects: Japanese

At first, I'm sorry if I can't write post like this here in Duo, but it has something to do with Japanese and I really need help...

I'm not sure if I should take the SAT test of Japanese (I will take all the tests next year)

I'm a foreigner student (Brazilian) and I'm planing to take a linguistics course in an American University (I'm still improving my English, so, please, correct me :) ).

I would take Physics and Math, but I will take Linguistics, so I think it's important to take a language test. I'm afraid of not doing well the Japanese test and harming my curriculum... I think I might be almost N4, but I'm not sure.

Do you think it is really important to take a language test? If it is, do you think I will harm myself for doing a Spanish test without having any case of studying Spanish in my curriculum? I mean, will the university think I'm cheating for doing a test that the language is similar to my native one without have never studied it?

Thank you very much xD

PS.: Of course I won't take the Spanish test without studying, I want to mean without having studied it properly (like, at least 2 years).

March 29, 2018



It you're almost N4 already, you'll probably be fine. I can't imagine SATs going much higher than that anyway, judging by my high school language experiences.

If you're applying for linguistics, then yes, taking some kind of language would probably be a good idea. I doubt they'll judge you for taking Spanish, however I'd say Japanese would be a better choice because the writing system and grammar are fundamentally different; by displaying an interest in different language families you can support your claim of linguistics being a good fit for you, thus increasing your chances of admission. (Sidenote: I'm not too sure of American uni admission criteria but a broad interest always looks good on your resume.)


Thank you!! I will try to study Japanese harder from now on xD


No problem! 頑張ってね :)


Silly question but would looking at sample tests be helpful.




google: sat subject test japanese sample


google: sat subject test SPANISH sample

Anyway, good luck!


Yeah, I know about that,I've already done all sample questions. But they are easier than the question on the test.

People use to say, about the Japanese test, that the grammar questions are easy, but the listenning is more difficult than the sample. Spanish will be very easier to me. The tests for Portuguese native speakers use to have a lot of false cognates, what make the exam hard (to me), but I don't think tests por English speakers does.

I wasn't talking about what is the easiest to take, but the best for my curriculum. Spanish for sure would be the easiest, but I don't know if it will improve my curriculum. Do you understand?

But I really appreciate your comment, thanks for helping xD


You're absolutely right to be deciding what classes and SAT subject tests you should take with an eye towards the university studies you hope to undertake in the future, but beyond that it really depends on the specifics of the schools & departments you're looking at.

It might be that it doesn't matter what additional language you study as long as you do well in it. It might be that math and/or physics would actually be a huge asset to your application because there are whole branches of linguistics that involve working with statistics at a high level, designing & conducting scientific experiments on people, etc. Or it might be that as long as you have decent grades and test scores, they don't care what subjects they're in at all. These things vary from one university/department to another.

The way to find out what you personally should take is to call or email the admissions departments of the universities you're interested in and ask them. They are very used to answering these types of questions and will most likely be happy to help you or put you in touch with someone who can. Helping prospective students answer questions like yours is a big part of what they're there for!


Thank you!! I will email them!!

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