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Where did the bonus skills go?

I just noticed that the "Idioms and Proverbs" and "Flirting" bonus skills have disappeared. Does anyone know if there will be new bonus skills in the future to replace them? As it is, there are very few things we can use our lingots for already.

Thanks in advance.

March 29, 2018



Duolingo right now is in a state of flux (a.k.a., A/B testing). It could be a while before anyone is quite sure about anything, αλλά, σιγά-σιγά (but, little by little), it'll get better.


That's odd, I still have them and I have the updated tree. Could be a device-specific problem.


I'm on the web, maybe it's only the web based version that has lost the bonus skills? I don't know. If some people still have them and others don't for reasons not explained, then it might be just a glitch. We have been experiencing them since they began implementing the new modules. It might also just be in the English to French. I don't know if it severe enough or widespread enough to report it to troubleshooting. At this point I am hoping it is temporary.


That's even weirder - I'm on the web based version as well. Fingers crossed it's only a glitch and will come back for you soon.


Yes, they have disappeared..But I don't think were going to get them back.Hopefully we will though. And yes, we don't have lots of stuff to spend lingots on. Hopefully they'll add more stuff for lingots. I'm gonna miss those bonus skills they were fun. I guess Luis didn't see the need in them?..


It's April 4th and the Bonus Skills have returned mysteriously with no explanation.

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