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"The outside"

Translation:El exterior

March 29, 2018



What's the difference between 'la afuera' and 'el exterior'?


just about to ask the same thing, instinctively typed el exterior, and then saw that they recommended la afuera....


que rayos...the app literally suggests afuera and doesn't give exterior as a translation until you get it wrong


Now it is doing the opposite


Also, what is wrong with "La fuera"?


My Oxford dictionary says that afuera and fuera are interchangeable. In European Spanish, fuera is the preference. It also says that these words are adverbs. El exterior would have to be a noun because it is preceded by an article. That could be the reason that afuera/fuera are not accepted as translations.


SpanishDict.com gave this example of afuera: Muchas personas viven justo en las afueras de la ciudad. But they defined "las afueras" as "the outskirts".

But note that with examples of sentences with "afuera" is only used as an adverb and never a noun: https://www.spanishdict.com/examples/outside?lang=en&translation=afuera


Would also like to know this


It is wrong because afuera o fuera is without "La" Never is used with a article Ella está "afuera" Ella está en "el exterior"


La FUERA, always ask for that when i go to my local favourite Spanish restaurant, never been seated inside yet


Just because they understand your meaning doesn't make your request correct in Spanish.


6 enero 2019. Same, why is la fuera wrong? It says I have to use el exterior.


Same...i feel both can be correct but would like an explanation


So is this a difference between being "outside" (afuera) compared to "on the outside " ( en el exterior) ?


To MartynDanc: I don't think so. Its to do with adverbs/nouns/ adjectives. JulianaMiranda says in an above comment "You can't use an article with fuera or afuera". My dictionary gives "Fuera" as an adverb (en el exterior) outside. It gives "Exterior" as an adjective (de fuera) outside, but also as a noun (1)(surface) outside (2) (en el exterior) outside. So I think that Duo is asking for the noun version, "The Outside" and if Juliana is right, and I have no reason to doubt her, it can't be "La fuera".


Why is this not "fuera"?


La afuera still marked wrong. Duo has pushed afuera over exterior now they dont accept it.


when i type el exterior it says the answer is en el exterior... when i type en el exterior it says the answer is el exterior so i canr get it correct


Hi sunreyesbhd, I also had that problem. I exited and rebooted, then it worked. Report it as a problem. Good luck


I reported it because I wrote la afuera also.


Take a look at this extension for Duo. forum.duolingo.com/comment/38731989 It is really useful. Once you have submitted your answer it shows you all the alternative answers that would be/could be accepted. Also if you have got it wrong it highlights where it is wrong in your sentence, which will hopefully cut down on the "my answer should be accepted" submissions to Duo. I stress this is not a cheat because the alternatives only come up once you submit your answer.

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