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What the heck is going on?

My home page is telling me I have skipped most of the lessons on the tree in my French profile? I haven't ever skipped a lesson! Can you even do that? Can you skip lessons and unlock the next lessons? Also you have never replied to my questions on FB or for that matter this forum either????

March 29, 2018



I think this explains it: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26726755 I freaked out too, today!


Haha, thank you, I thought I was going mad. Oh well it's all part of learning and I was starting to struggle a little so redo's and new additions will be good for me. Oh and thanks for the speedy response. Faith restored.


You're welcome! I find the new system useful... I just did "Gallicism" which differentiates between using "c'est" or "il est"... something that was explained in the descriptions before, but it's nice to have a lesson specific to it!


That happened a couple years ago when I was still working on my first tree and I almost flipped out! Believe me when I say it's all for the best! Major update! Keep learning!


Yep, just saw the notice banner at the top of my French home page...doh!


Oiii I freaked out too. I panicked at seeing units that I haven't even completed until I saw the discussions.


I don't think you can skip lessons.

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