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"Diese Äpfel sind für meine Eichhörnchen."

Translation:These apples are for my squirrels.

March 29, 2018



Does this imply the existence of a larger einhorn? A dire squirrel?


I looked this up, and apparently an Eichhorn is a lobster moth. Their caterpillars are vaguely squirrel-shaped (and creepy looking, so beware if you Google them.)


Well, Duden lists "Eichhorn" as synonymous to "Eichhörnchen", so I'd take that with a pinch of salt.


Whats the singular?


Das Eichhörnchen.


Eichhornchen sounds really strange...


What is the singular form os Eichhörnchen?


The singular and plural forms are the same: "Eichhörnchen." (This goes for any noun ending in the "-chen" suffix: the plural form is the same as the singular.)


Waaaaas - das Mädchen und die Mädchen - I have never noticed that before, thanks!


Why do the "word to word pronunciation" and the "sentence pronunciation" differ? Different pronunciations in different parts of Germany?


Duolingo's pronunciation is generated by a computer program, which I don't personally fully understand. It might indeed pronounce words slightly differently in the flow of a sentence, compared to when you click on them individually. This might be intentional, but if anything more due to the fact that that's just what happens when speaking naturally, rather than any attempt to include different regional pronunciations in the same sentence (which would be weird).

I recommend using www.forvo.com to double-check any pronunciations you're sceptical of.


Specifically it's the first vowel sound of Eichhörnchen thar differs - should it be more like "ey" or more like "aye"?


Is "Those apples..." incorrect?


Isn't Eichhörnchen a neutral gender noun, as other nouns that end with "chen"? If so, "für mein" seems the correct answer, not "für meine".


Isn't Eichhörnchen a neutral gender noun, as other nouns that end with "chen"?

It is indeed.

If so, "für mein" seems the correct answer, not "für meine".

If the speaker was talking about one squirrel that would be the case. As the speaker is talking about multiple squirrels, "für meine" is the way to go.

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