"When is the soccer game?"

Translation:¿Cuándo es el partido de fútbol?

March 29, 2018


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I answered with "es" knowing wholeheartedly that it's correct, but my brain doesn't fully get it... Why is it not està?

August 13, 2018


I'm also wondering about this, I suspect it's because asking 'when' something is ... is very concrete?

For example, when asking "When is christmas?" the date doesn't change, so I presume we'd use es instead of está cause its not something that can change.

This was hard to put into words lol


Can we put "es" at the end?


Está is used for temporary things like "Ella está feliz" (She is happy). Emotions are temporary. "El nombre es José" (His name is Jose) is forever. Correct me if i'm wrong.


But the date of a soccer game can be changed can't it?


My thoughts are just like yours!


What's the difference between es and estas?


Estas is a temporary state for being, such as an emotion. Es is a permanent or semi-permanent state of being. This is why "Tù estas feliz" and "Ella es una niña"


here and often through the program when I make a small error the 'correct' answer given is not at all what the answer is here. for this one the suggested correct answer is "¿Cuándo es el juego futbolístico?"


I thought futbol always had an accent on the u.


Yes, it does.


Fútbol = football, much easier to remember...


What exactly is a "soccer game"? Isn't it better to use football? I know soccer is how Americans call football but I've never seen it written as "soccer game"


Soccer game = football match


It's only because duo uses American terms rather than British. (Civilized countries use football, centimeters, celsius and km/h.)


Why use ser in this (cuando es el partido), but estar in "cuando estas ocupada, Julia?"


See is used for dates. I use DOCTOR to remember when to use SER (date, occupation, characteristics, time, origin, relationships).


Grace 749284 has given you an answer for why ser is used in el partido sentence. In your second one, Julia's (anticipated?) busyness is a state, and we use estar for temporary state or condition.


I forget the " de" all the time. You wouldn't say in english.. Whrn is the game of soccor


Can somebody please be so kind as to explain when to use accents in both cuando and tu? Either I really missed it or am hoping to get to it soon. I like the intuitive nature of Duolingo but I guess sometimes I inadvertently overlook some of these. Thank you. AND DUOLINGO, I would love the word processor option to add accents in these discussions. Very grateful for what you have done!


There needs to be a way to undo placing a word...why isn't there? I knew I had a mistake but couldn't fix it.


Jusy click it again


Ser (soy, eres, es...) is used for things that are more or less permenant, like the date, what time something is going to be, saying some one is tall or short, ethnicity, profession and other more lasting descriptions.

Estar(estoy, estas, esta...) is used for temporary things like actions such as reading a book or running, and other descriptions such as emotions or temporary locations


Why partido de fútbol. Why game of soccer when that the question isn't worded that way?


ARGHH!! help me........

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