"Ces objets religieux sont considérés comme sacrés."

Translation:These religious items are considered as sacred.

March 29, 2018



Why is it considered as sacred? That's a weird translation.

April 9, 2018


In French it is necessary to have the word "comme." In English, of course, we usually omit it. Here the translation that is used for the reverse translation keeps the "as" to help when it is time to create the French sentence. That said, "these religious items are considered sacred" without the "as" is also one of the accepted translations.

April 20, 2018


Nope. I wrote that and still got it wrong.

April 27, 2018


You are right. They are still generating reports for the correct answer. I don't have an explanation as to why correct responses are still being rejected. This might be a problem for staff to resolve. :-( I'll flag this and get staff's attention.

April 28, 2018


religious objects should also be accepted

May 19, 2018


Yes, it should. I don't know why that answer is still being rejected, but I will try to find out.

May 19, 2018


arguably "religious artifacts" should also work

February 2, 2019
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