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Fluency percentage going backwards

I have worked hard during the past few years learning french on Duolingo. A few months ago I reached 70%. Now I find, despite continuing my daily lessons, I have dropped back to 69% and seem unable to budge from that no matter how much I learn. Does anyone know why this might have happened and how I might progress forward again?

March 29, 2018



As I understand it, the fluency percentage is going away under the Crowns approach anyway. I find it amusing but not meaningful.


Don't worry, the fluency percentage is very flawed. In fact, new courses don't even include it anymore because it simply doesn't work.


We seem to be in an experiment. In French and Spanish, a couple months ago my fluency scores increased 2% or more overnight and they have been steadily decreasing over a period of several weeks.

In both languages, I am practicing with new trees, which require a lot of work but that work does not raise the fluency percent. In fact, it keeps me from doing practice that does raise my fluency score.

I suspect that the initial bump was to compensate for the vastly accelerated decay that followed. If it weren't for that bump, I don't think I ever would have reached 70% in French. Duolingo giveth, Duolingo taketh away.


Same... (Also the other comments are correct, so I don't need to elaborate)


If you continue studying the tree, you continue making progress. Do not worry about the percentage of fluency, frankly speaking, it does not represent anything. Worry about memorizing phrases, practicing the whole tree, and making as little mistakes as you can when responding. Practice against the clock is the best option. Practice makes perfect! Never stop! Carry on studying!


Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement. I’ll continue to study and not worry so much about the percentage

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