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"DIvI' Hol paq labbeH tlhIngan DujwIj."

Translation:My Klingon ship is set up to transmit the Federation Standard book.

March 30, 2018



One of the suggested English sentences is: My Klingon ship is ready to transmit a English book . — it should be an instead of a, and there is a space before the full stop.


I believe I've fixed the a/an thing.

The space is unfortunate -- there's an optional [/away] at the end, and when I look at the possible alternatives in the incubator, it deletes the space before that optional word together with that word when it is left out; I had hoped it would do the same "outside" as well.

I'd rather not write ... book[/ away]" with the space inside the brackets and the brackets "glued" to the last word.

I'd consider the non-deleting of the space to be a Duolingo bug -- if you want to, have a look at https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug- .


Don't the names of languages function as adjectives? I would have expected them after the nouns in this case.


No - this is a noun–noun compound in a kind of possessive combination.

It's like mara pong "Mara's name" -- you could think of DIvI' Hol as "the Federation's language" and tlhIngan Hol as "the Klingons' language".

English does this sort of thing where a noun before another noun acts like an adjective, e.g. an "eye exam".

In Klingon, this works similarly to English, and the first noun is the modifying one, the second one the modified -- unlike the order with adjectives that come from verbs.

And then the compound noun DIvI' Hol could stand before another noun, modifying that, to make DIvI' Hol paq "a Federation language book".


So "tlhIngan Duj" is, more literally, "the/a Klingon's ship"?


Theoretically, it could also be a ship in the Klingon style or a ship made of Klingons.


More literally, yes. Or "the Klingons' ship".


Does lab mean transmit in strictly an electronic sense, or could it also mean to move an object from one place to another?


It’s about transmitting data to another place.


Is "my Klingon ship is set up to transmit Federation Standard books" also valid?


Is "my Klingon ship is set up to transmit Federation Standard books" also valid?


It was missing from the list of translations but I've added it now.


Is "prepared" being deliberately rejected as a translation of -beH? I can see that it could be a choice to distinguish between ghaH + -rup having volition and being prepared while 'oH + -beH has none and is merely set up, but it seems artificial to reject My Klingon ship is prepared to transmit the English book.


I did "my klingon ship is set up to translate a federation standard book" didn't work.


I did "my klingon ship is set up to translate a federation standard book" didn't work.

lab is to transmit, not to translate (= mugh).

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