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"Nous choisissons des chaussures rouges."

Translation:We choose red shoes.

March 30, 2018



why is " we choose SOME red shoes " wrong ?


I wrote: "We choose some red shoes" and Duolingo marked it as incorrect...I want to know WHY? How can I learn if I don't know what I did wrong, or why it was wrong? Why is "some" in this sentence marked as incorrect, when "des" in other sentences is OK?


yes exactly, see above I wrote the same. If there is a "des " and you leave out SOME it's wrong and if you put SOME in it's wrong, I too am in a muddle about this.


I've learned it's best to leave "some" out regardless and just mention the noun.


I got it wrong for choosing "some" as well. I almost always translate des to some and get it right.


I've learned it's best to leave "some" out regardless and just mention the noun.


I also believe it can be 'we choose some red shoes'. It should be correct with or without the use of 'some'.


Ok, so I could see why it might be wrong. If I said I am buying some red shoes it (some) would be accepted. I wrote I buy some red shoes. Actually I would never say that in english.


And yet, leaving out the des, the hints translates it as some.


This is very clumsy english. We are choosing is much more natural.


Actually it's perfectly sound English. Regardless of what's being chosen, "we are choosing" and "we choose" have two different meanings in English.


No more so than 'we swim' and 'we are swimming' both are English present tense


We chose red shoes should be correct


No. 'Chose' is past tense. The statement for translation is in the present tense.


I also wrote, 'we are choosing some red shoes', which is perfectly good, accurate English and a sentence in common use in England. As many people complain here, it is marked wrong - which is absolute nonsense on the part of DL. So, DL answer me this - how, in French should one say, 'we are choosing some red shoes'?


'We choose "the" red shoes'? Why not?


Des either can be "some" (though its use is superfluous in the English sentence) or "of the" → de + les. As the original sentence did not state
Nous choisissons les chaussures rouges you can't add "the" into the translation.


Why not "we are choosing the red shoes"? I wrote that and was marked wrong. I though "we choose" and "we are choosing" are both correct.


"the" is definitely not in the sentence. That would be Nous choisissons les chaussures rouges


But "We are choosing red shoes" would also be correct?


Yes. If it isn't accepted report it.


I wrote "the" red shoes. Choosing implies a choice from a selection of different colours N'est ce pas ?


The original sentence would have to be "Nous choisissons les chaussures rogues". The word les is not in the original sentence so you can't add it to the translation.


red slippers? red sandals? You narrowed your search down to red. Now you are choosing amongst the styles of footwear. [I'm just playing with you. This whole thing is driving me crazy.]


I do think that - although some is largely understood in English - 'choosing some red shoes' should be considered a correct translation.


I said we are choosing red shoes. Why is that wrong?

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