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  5. "Il le montre aux enfants."

"Il le montre aux enfants."

Translation:He shows it to the children.

March 30, 2018



Another gem of a sentence from Duolingo


Right? Yikes, Duolingo.


I found it impossible to distinguish between aux enfants and au enfant just by hearing it!!


I had the same issue. If you listen to the slow audio, they are indistinguishable. The liasons can only be heard in the fast audio.


Totally agree this is a nonsense tbh


excuse me, but "is pointing to" is listed as a translation of montre, so why isn't "He is pointing to the children acceptable?" A lot of these translations that are not accepted seem very arbitrary. Maybe that's because everything is done by a machine and not a person.


I had the same problem! Why is "points it to" not accepted?


"He shows it to the kids" is the same as "he shows it to the children"...so why is it not accepted????


I am under the impression that kids is no longer accepted for "children" which is a good thing as the two words are not synonymous. In 4 years of being on DL I have never entered "kid" for enfant so I am amazed it was ever accepted.

The new tree has introduced sentences using the noun "kid" which is gamin(e) in French.


I wrote ils le montrent instead of il le montre. In listening to the audio it seems like either one could be correct. Did I miss something


I'm having trouble understanding how to keep euphony here. Is there a liaison between montre and aux? The robot seems garbled here. Would it sound like montrez aux zenfants? Like where do the syllables break?


Yes. à + les = aux. aux enfants sounds like "or-zonfon" roughly speaking.

Listen here: https://forvo.com/word/aux_enfants/#fr

[deactivated user]

    How are you supposed to hear the difference between singular and plural????


    I did not hear z elide with enfants (in either normal or slow speed), so there's no way to tell that enfant is plural. Why do I feel like we're being tricked?


    What is wrong with "It shows it to the children?"


    This is crap its nigh impossible to distinguish plural here from listening imho.

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