"Nous proposons du vin rouge ou blanc."

Translation:We offer red or white wine.

March 30, 2018

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Why is "we offer red wine or white" wrong? Isn't it technically what the sentence says?


Same here, I don't agree that it is wrong...


We offer red wine or white is a perfectly acceptable translation in English, the error here is Duo's.


Agreed. I'll report it and see if they change it. They've changed two other ones that I have reported.


I just tried it. Duolingo still doesn't accept that translation, which is quite a literal one.


I tried the same, though with "suggest" for the verb. Still wrong. I'm curious, too.


Still marked wrong March 2019.


We offer red wine or white is grammatically incorrect. The colours (red and white) serve as adjectives in this sentence, and describe the type of wine being offered. If you put white at the end of wine, it no longer serves as an adjective.


It's not grammatically incorrect, it just uses ellipsis, which is something we do all the time in speech. In English it's more unnatural to repeat the noun twice


I also just had this problem. In English it is more natural to say "red wine or white" than "red or white wine". Also reported!


"We propose red or white wine." Although "propose" doesn't really fit into context with this sentence, proposer's translation into English is "to propose".


I don't think as an English speaker that "we propose red wine or white" is incorrect. Maybe slightly awkward. But it marked that wrong.


I said "We are offering red wine or white" and got it wrong. Not sure why.


That audio is so horrible.


I believe that because 《 rouge ou blanc 》isn't part of BANGS or BRANGS, you read it after 《du vin》but is translated so that it goes before it. The official translation would be "We offer red or white wine" rather than "We offer red wine or white" because the adjectives go together and the subject is on its own.

if you understood then well done i guess


Yes, I think after some months I have changed my mind on this one. If you break down the sentence: we offer wine, we offer red wine, we offer red or white wine.. The two adjectives red or white, which go after the noun in French, go before the noun in English.


I agree with the audio being horrible. I can't understand them sometimes. They speak to fast and have a strong accent.


I find the audio much better on my desktop computer with external speakers than on my iPad. That said, the female voice is often muffled, so I hear, for example, "les enfants" instead of "mes enfants"

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and when she say "singe" it cracks me up every time


That's what I wrote in French and it's marked wrong


What's wrong with "recommend"?


Ditto! that owl can be so harsh!


Still not accepted. Red wine or white is perfectly acceptable English.

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