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"Ce sont mes premières chaussures gris pâle."

Translation:These are my first pale gray shoes.

March 30, 2018



Why doesn't "light grey" work?


"Light grey" is gris clair.


Please explain the difference between "light gray" and "pale gray" to a native English speaker. Also, please include links to contrasting visual examples. I evidently wasn't listening in art class.

The French may indeed conceptualize gris clair and gris pâle differently, just as American wedding planners insist teal, turquoise and aqua are somehow fundamentally distinct. However, I respectfully submit there is no distinction in English between "pale" and "light" gray. They are fully synonymous and DL should accept both answers.


D'accord. Vous parlez bien. Merci.


In earlier exercises it translates to light grey and pale grey is marked incorrect. I assume this is because pale grey isn't really a thing.


I would suggest that in English one would use light grey rather than pale grey to describe shoes. Just a question of nuance, but it sounds better (at least, it does in the U.K.)


I agree. In the u.s. we usually only use pale when referring to a person's color, e.g. you're looking a bit pale today.


"Usually" and "question of nuance" are insufficient grounds for marking "pale gray" wrong, just as spelling gray as "grey" is insufficient justification for marking "gray" wrong. There are literally thousands of Google-verifiable instances of "pale blue", "pale yellow" and pale you-name-it, many by accomplished authors. There should surely be a difference between marking something wrong and opining that something else is stylistically superior (this from a 59-year-old native speaker and U. Chicago lawyer). Perhaps DL should consult the Book of Revelations; it wasn't a light-colored horse that brought Death, it was a pale one, and there isn't a Christian alive who would insist on the former.


I was not suggesting that "pale" is wrong, just that "light" is a better word to use in this context.


Isn't it ces sont instead of ce sont?


I was wondering that too.


Please, anybody explain why it is correct to say "ce sont mes premieres chaussures'. And not "ces sont...."?


I wonder this too...


I love these semantic disputes! I would suggest that grey in English is not a colour in the same sense as Yellow or Blue but a gradation on a White to Black scale. Accordingly, light, dark, lighter, darker, are its proper qualifiers.


chaussures is feminine. Why is the masculine grey used?


When you use more than one adjective to designate a single color (like "light blue," "dark green," "pale pink" etc.), neither of the adjectives changes according to the noun it modifies. For example:

Il a les yeux bleu clair et les cheveux brun foncé.
"He has light blue eyes and dark brown hair."


I had no idea! Thank you!


There is an explanation for "Ces sont" or "Ce sont" on Duolingo's TIPS that I found on Google but I do not see any TIPS section on my Android :-( Where can I find the TIPS in my Duolingo's Android's App?


The tip section is not displayed for Duolingo download apps on phones only on PC.


are colours never made plural?


agree with the others-one would never say pale gray shoes in American English, the adjective is light in this usage


'These are my first pair of pale gray shoes' was not accepted. Pourquoi?


The word "pair" is not present in the French sentence and even if it were your answer is not correct. The demonstrative pronoun "this (is)" should be used not "these (are)" because it refers to "pair" which is singular and does not refer to "shoes"


There are a number of comments running into detail as to why pale gray and light gray may be different - however, if you mouse over the word pâle in the dialog - two translations are indicated - one is pale and the other light. I think light gray should work, as it does in earlier segments.


Why is it not ces sont?


The words "Gris and pale" describe the shoes, which are plural what is the reason that the words Gris and pale do not reflect this?


These are my first pair of pale grey shoes. Is what I wrote. In English we almost always refer to shoes as a pair of shoes. I feel this should be accepted!


I wrote, "Ce sont mes premières chaussures grises pâles." Why don't shoes (a plural) take plural adjectives?

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